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Little paper builder

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Hello from Germany,


as a changing from the more and more expensive plasic modelbuilding swinging towards pure chequebook modeling I decided to build no more tanks and airplanes and figured out sailing ships seem to be, an intresting field of hobby and history.

So I bought on the one hand the Shipyard plan of Le Coureur scaled to 1/96, added the Peterson Rigging book and ordered the navy museum's friends plan from Paris and on thevother hand the Ancre version drawn by Jean Boudriot. And the Mondfeld's book of model ship building.

So researche and buildung are starting to go hand in hand both starts make fun.


Here the sideview of the Le Coureur to give you a first impression of my little paper ship project by, showing bouth plans. The Shipyard plan is based on the Paris museum plan set. (The plan with the little scalebar wearing figure is the Boudriot plan.)

As the deck of the kit is very empty and the ancre plan shows a plenty of superstructure to be added I'll try to boost the kit by adding details from the Ancre plan onto (into?) the Shipyard kit.


One of the most importand duffrences is the spill - the Shipyard deck has a withe dot for a, standing spill, Jean Boudriot shows a lying one - detail with the letter H.


When I'm right I'll have to change the hole deck.


Best wishes,


jDgVIsc (1).png





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G'day Heinrich :).


Good to see another Card model builder on this site :).


I suggest you change the title of this thread to  :  Le Courier by Heinrich der Seefahrer - Shipways - 1:96 scale - CARD  and move it to the "Build Logs for Kits" forum. If you don't know how I can do it for you.


:cheers:  Danny

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there is a lot of trouble in the manual - and for me in the inaccuraty of the kit . If you look like me from the historical point of view. The kit is easied ue to the lasercut parts. but there must be done a lot additivly ifst you want to, build a fine model. I've had got thr idea to copy all, the sheets in colour on  cardboard. I ave to admit it isn't the cheap way but I habe got some rescue parts. 


I don't no if I'll scuttle the kit in my first trial - but as the Northgermans use to say:


“Do not load everything on one ship.“


Here zhe pice of woor making the big difference between tje kit and the much more sophisticated Ancre plans:


- in the top iew it's N°4

- in the enlarged detaildrawing it is E

- the frontview doesn't tell us a name


But in the frontview you see it isn't square and in the, other two drawings you find further information - does anybody know it's name?





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