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Yacht America 1851 by etubino - Scientific

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Hi Folks

For ages I’ve been trying to justify not touching several Kits that I have, Till Last weekend where I decided to warm up hands with an old Scientific Kit.

My father had it built back in the 60's in Pittsburgh, and I remember lots of craftsman shift in this kit, lots of dedication.

This kit would be nothing compared to the masterpieces I´ve been following on this site, but I will try to honor this kit.



The Kit Parts



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Best to you on this kit by Scientific. With a little research and time, these kits can turn out really well. I've been working on Scientific's model of the Bluenose and I'm really proud of how she looks. I'm working on her sails and rigging and hope to complete her soon. Look forward to seeing your progress. Cheers!

Robert O

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These Scientific models are really underrated. With a little time and effort, and with even modest modelling skill these kits can be turned into real masterworks. I have this exact kit, so I'm looking forward to seeing the build. Have Fun is my motto- the best ship model is the completed one!

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Good Morning!


Today I´ve started with some research. I´ve got the Modelshipways America Plans!

There is a lot more to work, specially on the deck housing or furniture.


I've also saved the instrution manual of the Model Shipways Amrica that was abailable on their website.

America 1.PNG

America 2.PNG

America 3.PNG

America 4.PNG

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Etubino - good find on the MS plans! In building my Scientific Bluenose, I bounced constantly from plans included with the kit and the Bluenose PDF file - especially for my decking fixtures. Between your two sets of plans, this should give you a wonderful build. Best to you.

Robert O

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I will be following your build log as well, I am trying to start a Scientific Sea Witch.   



Current Builds:  Revell 1:96 Thermopylae Restoration

                           Revell 1:96 Constitution COMPLETED

                           Aeropiccola HMS Endeavor IN ORDINARY

Planned Builds: Scientific Sea Witch

                            Marine Models USF Essex



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Robert, did you start your Bluenose? Is it posted? I'm looking for any Scientific build log. Ive faound a beatifull Robert E Lee. and a Cuttu Sark, I'm going to look for a Bluenone. Thanks a lot for your good wishes!


Scott, from the Land of Sunflowers and Tornados. I wnated very bat the Scientific Sea Witch, it's the biggest kit and I think it is a beatifull Clipper.


Tim, Ive checked many times your America, it looks really great!



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Nice start to what is truly old school ship kit.  Back in the day, this mfg along with a few more, was the available wood ship kit for the average ship builder in America.

You have the right approach and skill set to turn out a master piece. Looking forward to more.  I have the 1/8 Bluejacket and the small version as well as 2 old Marine Model kits.  So, yes, I love the story and lines of this classy lady.


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