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Kingfisher by amateur - FINISHED - 1:1 - CARD

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I promised a restart on the kingfisher-model.


Today, I finally managed to do some work on it.

It is a model designed by Johan Scherft, and the template is downloadable from his site. There is a nice you-tube video, showing how it should be done (life is not so easy as the vid suggests, but still, it is not a very complicated model with lots of tiny fiddly bits.) 


Time for some pics. First the template.IMG_0439.jpg.eaf2405f3b75ec7e0bc6b108de2e902f.jpg

This is all there is. (Actually, there is also a paper branche template. Did not download that for the moment)

The head: templateIMG_0434.jpg.7ccd4a9cf9c9dac5565398aeeb9f7afc.jpg

after cutting (swan morton is very usefull, although it can be done with small scissors)IMG_0435.jpg.1cd0c91d0c70d40b4edf2713880673fd.jpg

and all the longitudinal tabs and those above the eyes are glued.IMG_0436.jpg.07f3b1b6ca0871044b6833d54ed8e36b.jpg

next - while the head was drying - the tail, from two partsIMG_0433.jpg.56affdcd00987e5a0b2d3b920a9148c0.jpg


And now for the major part: the bodyIMG_0437.jpg.8cb63ce66f67882baf14788c1ecfeb6d.jpg

paper is funny stuff: I printed the bird last week, and it was very dry and rather cold here last week. After cutting, the paper startedto curl upwards.... no bug deal, as it is just normal 80 grams officepaper, the paper bends easily back when glueing. And then the process of glueing starts: tab by tab, starting with the small ones, and working towards the larger ones. Here a pic of how the bird is right now. IMG_0438.jpg.0f7a6cbcd76f97751017e488459466ec.jpg


Not too stressfull so far, just two and a half hours of fun.

I hope to continue tomorrow.




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Hi Jan,

Nice Build!!


I have these in Stokes Valley, (Home), but no predation from my cats!! Thankfully.


The Kingfisher makes far too much noise. 🙂

(I'll find a photo of one the cats bought in a few yeas ago, don't worry. it survived, and then some!!)


Cheers and Regards,



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A/L Sanson

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a very interesting model Jan....came out really nice  :) 

I yam wot I yam!

finished builds:
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Phylly C & Denny-Zen - the Lobsie twins - bashed & semi scratch dual build

Billing T78 Norden


in dry dock:
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Billing's Half Moon 1:40 - some scratch required
Revell U.S.S. United States 1:96 - plastic/ wood modified / Academy Titanic 1:400
Trawler Syborn - semi scratch / Holiday Harbor dual build - semi scratch

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