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HMS Victory Cross Section by ferarr - 1:98 - Finished

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I present the section of HMS Victory, at 1:98 scale, which I have finished.

I have started from the Corel kit, of which I have only used the piece that forms the helmet, although given the work required to adapt it, it would have been easier to have made the frames following the plans, or the books, that I used for its construction .

The woods used are walnut, cherry, and ebony.

The metallic parts are made of blued brass.

I leave photos of its construction.

I hope you like it.

A greeting.



Os presento la sección del HMS Victory, a escala 1:98, que he terminado.

He partido del kit de Corel, del que únicamente he utilizado la pieza que forma el casco, aunque dado el trabajo que requirió para adaptarla, hubiese sido mas fácil haber realizado las cuadernas siguiendo los planos, o los libros, que he utilizado para su construcción.

Las maderas utilizadas son nogal, cerezo, y ébano.

Las partes metálicas son de latón pavonado.

Os dejo fotos de su construcción. Espero que os guste.

Un saludo)

HMS Victory (113).jpg

HMS Victory (112).jpg

HMS Victory (111).jpg

HMS Victory (106).jpg

HMS Victory (102).jpg

HMS Victory (89).jpg

HMS Victory (83).jpg

HMS Victory (82).jpg

HMS Victory (78).jpg

HMS Victory (69).jpg

HMS Victory (67).jpg

HMS Victory (54).jpg

HMS Victory (45).jpg

HMS Victory (46).jpg

HMS Victory (36).jpg

HMS Victory (33).jpg

HMS Victory (18).jpg

HMS Victory (7).jpg

HMS Victory (16).jpg

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Brilliant work indeed. such a feast for the senses. You captured, and replicated  amazing amounts of details!!

I'm starting my first cross section and will so study your work - Thanks for sharing.




Current buildSovereign of the Seas 1/78 Sergal

Under the table:

Golden Hind - C Mamoli    Oseberg - Billings 720 - Drakkar - Amati


Santa Maria-Mantua --

Vasa-Corel -

Santisima Trinidad cross section OcCre 1/90th

Gallery :    Santa Maria - Vasa





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Excellent. i work to Corel Victory cross section, i take ideas from you, and you work is wonderful

Congratulations Cristi


Current build : Sovereign of the Seas - Mantua 1:78 scale




Finished:        San John the Baptist - Cross section

                    Santisima Trinidad - Cross section                  Galery Santisima 

                    San John the Baptist ( San Juan Bautista)    Galery  San John

                    HMS Victory 1805 - Cross section - Corel 1:98 scale 

                    Panart (Mantua) 740 Battle Station          Battle Station Panart 740 Galerry


On Hold:        HMS Bounty 1:64   Mamoli MV39


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