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Glaring error in The American-Built Clipper Ship; 1850-1856

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Well, it's probably only glaring to me because I need the info that has been omitted, but...


Anyway, I just got a copy of this fine book and am greatly impressed with it, however I have come across an error that I am hoping others can help me with.  Can you guys look in your copy and check out Table 9.1 on pages 145 and 146. In my book page 145 should be the first part of the table and page 146 should be the second part, but both pages are copies of page 2 of the table. I would especially like those with a hardcover to check, as I have the soft cover and it might be different in different editions.  Also, if anyone does have page one of table 9.1 could you scan or photograph it and send it my way, I could really use some info on Great Republic from it.



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Sorry been traveling last couple days and was just able to check my hardback copy and it has the same problem.  Table only has 2 of the second page and not the first part.


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59 minutes ago, rtwpsom2 said:

That's pretty much what I'm doing (albeit without the knowledge of the previous editions).  If anyone with an earlier edition could chime in, that would be nice, too.

The 1997 is available on Amazon for about $33 US


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Someone with a copy might consider making that one page available. And while I do not normally support posting copyrighted material, I can't see that as a mortal sin

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I do have the hard cover version from 1997 and in that version the table is correct. The table is titled 'Material and fastening of square frames'. It starts with "Alarm" and ends with "Lamplighter" in part 1 and continues with "Lightfoot" to "Young America" in part 2.

IF you need I probably can create a copy of these pages.

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Thank you for checking and for the offer 7of9. I appreciate it. Roger was able to get me some pictures of the table. I'm thinking I might compile it into a table to pay on here, but it won't be for a few days. Anyway thanks again.

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