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hello all


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I am a long time lurker from Northern NY where I teach organic and medicinal chemistry.  Have been enjoying the hobby off and on for about 20 years.  The contributions from people on this forum have been invaluable to me. I have a strong aversion to photography and refuse to be bound to a cell phone so pictures are not something I can offer most of the time.  I am quite willing to answer any questions on the models I have tackled.  From MS the Niagara and Confederacy, from AL the Endeavour and from Bluejacket my current project the Notman which is done except for the rigging.


thank you all

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  • I'll try to clean up my disasterous work space and ask the wife to see if she can get a couple decent shots of the Notman.  It is a beautiful ship for hauling dirty coal.  Also a nice respite from building multiple dozens of canon and the rigging is not over the top difficult.  I'll take the booms and gaffs over yards anyday.
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