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Deck planking approaching stem - Decrease in width?

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I'm tinkering with the HMS Triton in my free time, and am thinking about the deck planking patterns.  I understand that the deck planks would narrow as they approached the stem.  Does anyone know to what degree the planks narrowed?  



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Hi Alan

I'm not sure the planks would be nibbled into the waterway as Mark suggested, this was a later arrangement with the advent of power saw mills etc, Druxey mentions this in his comet book

If you have twenty planks amidships you would need to taper them to fit at stem and stern where they come down the side if their width would be less than half the plank they were scarfed into the next plank, hope that makes sense see below at the right of the windlass 



And here in the bow

Hope that helps



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Thanks guys!  I'm good to go with the hooked plank concept, and have already drawn out a planking pattern.  Now I'll re-draw the pattern incorporating planks narrowing towards the stem.  I'll post in this thread when done. (I'm also going to tell my wife tonight that I'm a master shipwright).  :)



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