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New to Modeling, still prepping for my second build

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Hello all.  My name is Kevin.  I have been reading around the forums for a few weeks but haven't introduced myself.  I am new to modeling though I have some wood working experience.  I have a small garage wood shop where I do projects from time to time.  My latest project is a workbench, it is 6' and made of laminated 2"x 6" that I hand planed from ruff sawed yellow pine and walnut.  I hope to finish that project by the end of the month.  I can post pictures if there is interest.  


For my first attempt at model ship building I went with the Elizabethan Galleon from Amati.  I'll post some pictures of the completed model below.  I enjoyed the process, and was somewhat satisfied with the results.  I did not like the color of the outer hull in the end, or the painting in general, seemed too yellow for me.  I did not include the paper decorations that come with the model.  The rigging was simple compared with more advanced ships, but I feel that while it did not challenge in the same way that other more advanced ships' rigging would challenge, I do not think it was designed to.  I think it was good practice in working with strings and masts, and to get the feel of the very basics. 


For my second ship I have decided on the Model Shipways American Privateer Armed Virginia Sloop.  It has arrived and I have looked over the parts, but there are still tools that I need to get and I want to get the Practicum.  I know that there is a world of knowledge and skill out there that I haven't acquired, and that the first ship while a good place to start is very basic.  


Any suggestions on tools, keel holders, anything else is welcome.  I am still learning terminology as well.  Thanks in advance for the warm welcome, I hope to get started before the end of the month.  



Here is the Armed Virginia.





The Elizabethan Galleon.  The sides look very Mustard colored to me.  But since this was a practice ship, I am not too worried.  




I glued the steps on before staining the deck, so you can see where I the stairs soaked up the stain.

I did stain the deck with wood stain.  Looking back I think that was not what it wanted.  Perhaps a paint watered down to "Wash the wood" would have been better.  you can see the plywood running down between the two pieces of the hull and how it absorbed the stain differently.  



As I said the rigging was very simple, no blocks and pulleys,



Like I said, the paint job I am not proud of, but I enjoyed the experience and I am excited to begin my next adventure, though I know it will be a long and tedious journey.  I saw this ship as something to work through.  It is not an example in the painstaking detail and perfection that will be on display on the next ship. 



Well this is me and my first attempt at a ship.  I have been calling her the HMS Mediocre; for two reasons.  1. On how I feel the ship turned out.  She is not very pretty.  But that is due to the second reason.  2.  The Mustard color is a Yellow Ochre :)   Just my sense of dry humor.  


Happy to be on the forums looking forward to the future.


Kevin in Georgia USA

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Gidday from Dowunder and welcome Kevin.

If I may suggest searching for advice on tools etc. I have found tool selection is a very personal thing. Some people are comfortable using a certain tool while others detest it. One rule I have is to buy what I need not what I think I need.

Wishing you all the best with your builds,



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Welcome Kevin. I cannot access your photos either.

You will know what tools you need as you progress through the various phases and tasks of building your model.





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Welcome to MSW. 

Would also like to see your photos





Regards, Patrick


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Current build :  Mary Rose 1/50 scratch

Gallery Revell Bounty  Pelican/Golden hind 1/45 scratch

To do Prins Willem Corel, Le Tonnant Corel, Yacht d'Oro Corel, Thermopylae Sergal 


Shore leave,  non ship models build logs :  

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Modern Russian vehicles 1/72


Si vis pacem, para bellum

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Like Kevin, I need to find advice on painting. (I used Home Depot spray pain one my last builds.) How is the wood prepped?...sanding sealer? Oil or Water Base paint? What's next..Primers?  Do I thin and apply how many coats? Does clear finish come next? Where is this information to be found?

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Welcome to MSW Kevin! Best of luck to you on your Virginia Sloop. I'm sure you have done so already but, if not, I know there are some nice completed and active build logs on here that you should check out. Have fun!

"A Smooth Sea NEVER made a Skilled Sailor"
- John George Hermanson 



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4 hours ago, EJ_L said:

Welcome to MSW Kevin! Best of luck to you on your Virginia Sloop. I'm sure you have done so already but, if not, I know there are some nice completed and active build logs on here that you should check out. Have fun!

Yes, I have been following some.  Thanks everyone for the welcome.  

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Welcome to this site from another shipmate from downunder.


Cheers...... Fernando 🍻

Current Builds - Colonial Brig Perseverance 1807 by Fernando E - Modellers Shipyard - 1:48 scale


Previous Builds - 

S Lucia by Fernando E - Panart - Scale 1:30

Sloop Norfolk 1798 by Fernando E - Modellers Shipyard - Scale 1:36 


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