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Knew Concepts fret saw

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In a prior life (when I had a large shop) I had a Hegner scroll saw. In my current condo life not so much. I'm doing my fine cutting with a small fret saw I used it in my jewelry making days. 


I came across a saw I've never seen while surfing the web. It's pricey ($58 - 140) depending on which model is purchased. Does anyone have any info on this saw? ....Moab/Allan

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Yeah. It’s the best! I posted about it a few months ago. Just search knew concept ( I don’t know how to link it to your thread). I don’t have the space for my power tools at the moment. I used to really suck when using a coping saw or jewelers saw. With the Knew Concept it’s easier than a scroll saw. Its super light and well balanced, and easy to tension correctly. It is pricey, but it is a great tool. There is a fatter aftermarket handle for it that really is way too expensive. I may wrap the handle it comes with sticky tape like you would use on a hockey stick. 



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Odd, I was just admiring one at Lee Valley.  I've heard very good things about them, although the price isn't attractive.  Still, as my mechanic said about his SnapOn tools, "It ain't what it costs, it's what it does."


You might also consider a jeweler's saw frame & blades such as these:




I have this one:   https://www.zakjewelrytools.com/products/swiss-saw-frame

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