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Download the chapters for each part of the Medway Longboat project here

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Part OnePartOne.pdf

Part Two - PartTwo.pdf

Part Three - PartThree.pdf

Part four - Partfour.pdf

Part five - Partfive.pdf


Medway rigging plan - no sails - medwayrigging.pdf


Medway sail planmedwaysailplan.pdf


Medway Flag - ensign.pdf


Planking fan for Longboat....large planking fan.pdf


Bow and stern Lining off templates.....line out templates.pdf




Planking - external planks just in case.pdf


7-10-7 templates for yards and mast - 7-10-7medway.pdf


Furled Sail Tutorial...Sails for a Cutter Rigged Long Boat.pdf



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