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Hello to all

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Hi to all,


My name is Peter, my username is taken from a shipyard on the River Clyde at Dumbarton, Scotland where my grandfather and uncles worked for years. Denny Brothers closed in the 1960's unfortunately, after 160+ years of cutting edge shipbuilding. The yard is best known for completing the Cutty Sark after the original builders, Scott and Linton, went broke. 

Model building was a very big part of my early teen years, mostly plastic of every variety but carved boats and balsa strip aeroplanes also, so now many many years later I'm going to revisit it to give my aging brain and fingers a challenge. My only previous experience with plank on frame models was a kit of the Wasa from many years ago, this was pre laser cutting and the kit was just too labour intensive for that stage of my life. 

I'm starting off with the AL Virginia Schooner which I've been researching here while waiting for the kit to arrive. Some of the reviews and logs seem a bit negative towards AL kits in general but at first glance I'm very happy with the quality of this kit. Everything is straight, the planking and deck strips are well cut with no jagged edges and the written and photo instructions seem quite well done. Perhaps AL realized that they had quality control issues and stepped up their game. 

Anyway I just wanted to say hi and complement the site admins and all the builders, lots of beautiful work here. 

Dumbarton_Shipyard_Dumbarton Rock and castle_MI.jpg

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You have a storied ancestry with I am sure stories to tell. Welcome to this incredible shipyard. We have some lineage in our group as well, a descendant of Donald McKay, the Canadian, who settled in America, ultimately building ships out of Newburyport Mass. It all adds to the nature of this wonderful pursuit.


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