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Royal Caroline 1749 by Thunder -FINISHED- Panart - 1:47

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This is going to be a very short topic as I am just going to post some photographs I found of my build so I apologise for that in advance. I thought they may be of use to someone.


Having the Anatomy of the ship series book I compared this to the kit. As many on here have probably found, the kit varies considerably from the plans. Not sure why they did this when the plans are available but this is common with kits.


I printed the drawings out and altered their size until they best matched the keel size provided by the kit. I did work out the scale it became but not sure now, seem to remember 1:50.


I removed the bow and keel sections so I could install the correctly shaped walnut parts in their place. I then marked on all the bulkheads as shown in the lines plan. Photo below shows this and the bearding line which has been shaped ready to receive the planking.





Royal Caroline 01 (1).JPG

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Bulkheads in place on keel.





The extra pieces of wood stuck to some of the bulkheads are where the originals were too small. These were filed down to the correct shape once all glue was completely dry. However, at this stage these are only dry fitted without re-shaping the bulkheads. You can see the amount that has to be taken off some of the originals and how they will match the bearding line.




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Big jump i'm afraid but I did say it was a short topic. First planking complete, false decks and deck beams in place. I have started marking the bulkhead positions on to the outside of the first planking along with the water line and wale positions. The wale positions will be the first second planks on as I hate to see planks crossing under the wales and emerging the other side as this could not happen in real practice. Makes second planking harder though.






Ignore my kitchen I was in the process of re-wiring and fitting. Admiral not happy to come home and find me doing Caroline instead.




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Finally, completion. All photographs between seem to be lost.



I used the mouldings that came with the kit where possible as I am not at the stage of being able to do my own. Comparing with 'built to kit' dimension models she is of a finer run in and appears longer because of this. Gun port positions and the windows are placed to the book dimensions.



I chose stub masts as I thought they, will the associated rigging, would prevent easy view of the detail. They are not glued in so I can change this later.




Quarter badge window frames were done with the timber supplied and I wasn't happy. so I cheated a little on the other windows and used (horror) Plastic.




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