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Landing Planks Below The Bow Filler With No Rabbet.

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As I'm progressing through my planking in the band below the wale (there will be 4 bands) I can see that as I progress below and further aft from the first bulkhead, I will have nothing for those planks to land on at the keel. I did not include a rabbet line because of a previous failed attempt resulting in a keel replacement. It's too late to add one at this point. Will I have to add filler blocks between bulkhead 1 and 2?


Thanks for any help,


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On kits, they usually don't have instructions or even mention the rabbet.   So usually what you do is bevel the edge against the keel for a good fit and the finished planking will look like it's in a rabbet.  Many do add filler blocks between bulkheads.


Question?  Why is it too late to add the rabbet?  It only runs along the keel.  The rudder post is usually carved out such that the planks land just a tad above the side of the rudder post and then sanded down to the rudder.


I suggest you start a build log so we can follow along and help a bit better.

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