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Revelle fictional ship?

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Someone else with much more knowledge would have to confirm but I think the square mizzen topsail over a lateen-rigged course places it in the late 1600s/early 1700s. At least the development sequence I remember is lateen course > lateen course + square topsail > Lateen course with no sail ahead of the mast + square topsail > Loose foot gaff course + square topsail > Spanker boom added, spanker + square topsail.

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yea,,,,what you have is just a run of the mill pirate ship.  practically every model company at the time had one or two........except for lindberg line {or you can call them just lindberg}.....they had three ;)   if you wanted to change it over to a know or lesser know galleon,  you could do a search on line,  and find one that it closely resembles.   all is not lost my friend,  they do make nice models.   to make her look good,  you still need to use assembly and weathering techniques .


I built the Jolly Rogers....left off at masting the Flying Dutchman....and still nee to tackle the Henry Morgan...AKA Captain Kidd......the three Lindberg kits!

I yam wot I yam!

finished builds:
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M&M Fun Ship - semi scratch build / Gundalow - scratch build / Jeanne D'Arc - Heller
Phylly C & Denny-Zen - the Lobsie twins - bashed & semi scratch dual build

Billing T78 Norden


in dry dock:
Billing's Gothenborg 1:100 / Billing's Boulogne Etaples 1:20
Billing's Half Moon 1:40 - some scratch required
Revell U.S.S. United States 1:96 - plastic/ wood modified / Academy Titanic 1:400
Trawler Syborn - semi scratch / Holiday Harbor dual build - semi scratch

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I think that OC will confirm this as he is for all intents building this kit now, as the Black Pearl.


This model started out as the Black Pearl from the Pirates Of The Caribbean movies made by Zvezda. At some point Zvezda replaced the figurehead with the swan and I think they started selling it as the Black Swan. Now the kit is being sold through Revell Of Germany as just a generic pirate ship, and I think is still available as the Black Pearl. If that doesn't completely confuse you then I have failed in my attempt.


So in one respect it is a real ship in that one was made for the movie. In all other respects it is totally fictitious depending on how you look at it. If you look at OC's build you can see that either way it can be a very interesting ship to build and like any other plastic ship I am sure you could bash it into any number of real period ships. Or like him just have some fun with it.




Hope that helps

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Schooner USS Lanikai/Hermes

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1/35th UH-1H Huey


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The nice thing about a fictional ship is that you won’t be limited by “reality”. Meaning if you’re building a “real” ship and you find reference material that clashes with your subject’s models construction or parts you have to alter the kit to match the reference material. If you’re doing a fictional ship your only concern is to stay within the state of the art of the timeframe you’re working in. Now you’re free from many constraints.




 Niagara USS Constitution 


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