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Yankee Hero by BlackGSD - BlueJacket Shipcrafters - Scale 3/8” to 1’

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14 hours ago, BlackGSD said:

While the bow was straightforward, the stern is . . . wonky. The deck overlaps considerably. I’m not sure what to do, exactly. Cut the overlapping portion of deck with an Xacto knife?




Check you scale measurements from the BL plans, see if you can get a good reference number to how wide the stern should be at your over lap point. If it is smaller than your actual deck board then cut and sand it down to match, (When cutting the deck board watch your deck board lines for proper fitting) If the overlap (deck board) is correct you will have to add some wood putty to increase the stern of the ship and sand the bottom solid hull to match you upper stern deck. Or add some wood extensions to in create the solid hull width at the stern and then sand her down.  The BL solid hulls won't be perfect and there are a;ways adjustments one way or another.


Once you have this completed, my suggestion is to individually plank your deck when it's time.  


Current build project: 

CSS Alabama 1/96


Finished build projects 2018:

H.L Hunley 1/24

CSS Arkansas 1/96

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After carving, sanding, and stabbing myself in the hand (✋🏻🔪ouch), I glued the sternpost, keel, and stem assembly onto the hull.


My only concern is the gap between the bow and the stem assembly. It’s about 3/16ths of an inch—much wider than it should be. I plan to fill it with wood putty...



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Looking forward to more posts on your progress.  I purchased the Revenue Cutter from Blue Jacket a year ago, and although I consider myself an experienced modeler of many sorts, solid wood hulls seem to be a whole different ball game of which I have had little experience.  After purchasing a new hull, I put the Cutter aside and recently purchased the Yankee Hero to get my confidence back and some basic experience with solid hulls.  Although I am an avid model builder, my only venture into wooden boats is the Midwest Models Maine Lobster Boat.  Looking forward to a new adventure, and I am glad we have folks like Blue Jacket Models and this forum who are very helpful in our success.




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