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USCG Peqout 1908 by svein erik - 1:48

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Ok. Am starting this log because I have deside to build this steam cutter ,

am still working on the plans , in 1:48 scale this ship vil be about 105 cm long and about 20 cm wide 

the hull wil be made of wood and planking , the orginal is steel but I wil use silver tape for the steel plating with nails.

there wil also be alot of metal sheets to soldering .

for now I orderd the book,  us.coast guard and revenue cutters 1790-1935.by Donald L.Canney

and orded som birchwood plywood for the frame (6mm) 

Here is the first photo of my big prodjekt 




2019-04-15 00.18.19.jpg

2019-04-15 00.18.40.jpg

2019-04-14 20.24.50.jpg

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the backbone is now nerly finish, yust need to cut out the slots. The backbone is made of  4 peases with taps.

All the frames are cut out also ,the slots need to be cut out here also etc,

I did resive the book I orderd a wile ago  (us coast guard and revenue cutters by Donald L.Canney )


When all of the frames are finish its then time to dry fitt them all and start carving the bearding line and 

stem/keel pieces. 









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thanks for the coments and likes😊

working working.......

i have carve out the bearding line and also make the keel/stem peases .

the stem peases has to be reduse ,but i can do this later when it sitt propper on the backbone.

the wood i used is black thorn and it soft/hard but it wil be coverd later with plating.

my nex thing is to glue all toghether and then start to make some filler peases etc and also  a beuilding board .

t think this is going to be a fun projekt with no mistake.... LOL








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On 5/17/2019 at 10:15 PM, kees de mol said:

Nice build. Was it a fishingvessel?


its not a fishingvessel,or..... wel in ww2 this ship laid a cable in the habur (us) to prevent enemy sub comming in,

there were also guns on the deck etc. 

but am not building the peqout at this time frame but from the time 1908 .

all the info can be read at the indicator loop.

Indicator Loop Cable Laying Ship USCG Pequot

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