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829 year old ship found in Germany


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I've bookmarked this - it will be interesting to see more as the archaeological reports come in. This is really later than "Viking" times - just before  "nefs" with castles in bow and stern, and I'd like to see what if any evolution can be seen from the intervening centuries.


This is the seal of the coastal town of Sandwich, from 1238, which is about as early as these castles seem to have come into use. The 1188 ship is more likely to have looked like this:


which is almost identical to Viking vessels. The differences are likely to be in the details, and the fact that this was a merchant ship not a warship.





"Just a moment - just a moment. I've just picked up a fault in the AE 35 Unit" - HAL 9000





Venetian merchant Ship from Basilica of San Marco: https://modelshipworld.com/topic/31034-the-san-marco-mosaic-ship-c-1150-by-louie-da-fly-175/


Solid- hulled couta boat - a gaff-rigged fishing boat once used for catching barracuda in the State of Victoria, Australia https://modelshipworld.com/topic/34969-australian-couta-boat-from-about-the-1920s/





HMVS Cerberus https://modelshipworld.com/topic/34681-hmvs-cerberus-1870-by-louie-da-fly-approx-1230-scale/


11th century Byzantine dromon http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/topic/10344-10th-11th-century-byzantine-dromon-by-louie-da-fly-150/page-1 


Winchelsea Nef - Late 13th century Mediaeval ship 1:75 https://modelshipworld.com/topic/29377-winchelsea-nef-1274-ad-175/


Henry Grace a Dieu - Rebuild of 1:200 model I started in 1967 http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/topic/12426-henry-grace-a-dieu-great-harry-by-louie-da-fly-scale-1200-repaired-after-over-50-yrs-of-neglect/?hl=%2Bhenry+%2Bgrace+%2Bdieu . 

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Just seeing this, very interesting! Thanks for sharing. The construction details seem very similar to those of the Skuldelev ships which are only 120 or so years earlier. The keelson looks nearly identical to the Skuldelev 2 one. Found a more detailed article about these Wismar shipwrecks (there were 3 apparently) here:




There is also a PDF and video of their 2018 ISBSA presentation on their 3D documentation techniques:





Alberto - "Binho"


Current Build: Dusek 1:72 Scale Longship

Digital Shipyard: Viking-era ships and boats


3D Art: Artstation, Sketchfab

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Wonderful :)


Although interesting in itself, all those articles were more about 3D-scanning than the ship. It is maybe similar to the Galtabäck II wreck, which appears to be the same type of ship, from the same area and from within the same decade (or two). This period saw rapid changes in ship building though, and seems more intact than other wrecks, so this will generate interest for sure.


And yes they did use iron nails at the time, alongside wooden, but they stay together anyway. At that time the boards were often fastened together with iron nails, while the frames, which were added later, were fastened with wooden ones.


They say it is clinker built, but from the scan it looks like the uppermost boards could possibly have been built carvel style. That I have only seen on a single other wreck (also second half of 12th century), so that would be interesting to see more details about.

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The whole "article" was a paid advertisement for Artec Eva, something you see more and more. 


The Team Chooses to Use the Artec Eva Scanner to Study the Viking Shipwreck

And so, upon Auer’s strong recommendation, the team moved ahead with using Eva for working with the Big Ship.

Experts using the faster 3D scanner Artec Eva to scan and document the discovery before damage set in to the Viking shipwreck. (Thomas Van Damme)

“Normally one year would have been needed to scan and annotate all these timbers the old way, but with Eva, we did everything in just one month!” said Auer.

“Even though the Eva was new to me, and I had to take a little while to get used to it, I like it so very much…it saved us loads of time and was really comfortable to use, especially compared with the Faro contact scanner,” said Ditta.

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