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Best glue for plastic models?

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I'm wanting to know what is the best glue for plastic model boats and ships especially those that are built for Radio Control/water use? Anyone have any ideas, I remember the old Testers and Tamiya model airplane glues that I assume were outlawed because of glue sniffers😜 

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If you mean plastic kits, then the very best is Tamiya Extra Thin Cement. You can put the parts together as apply a little with a brush to fix things. This includes long seams. I use it all the time for my magazine work.


Now, if you are also talking RC models, then that may be a different plastic and not styrene. I would look at both Cyanoacrylate (superglue), with Zap being an excellent brand, and also epoxy. It all depends on the specific task you are performing. 

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