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HMS Victory (prototype) by James H - Amati - 1:64

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Well, this one has been a LONG time coming. 




I mean, this lockdown seems to have lasted a lifetime, so the original notice of Amati's now almost mythical 1:64 HMS Victory seems to have been such a long time ago! A lot of water has passed under the bridge since 2013 when Chris drove to Italy with the original design model in late 2013. Amati had enough general interest about their Victory from modellers to warrant then asking me to build a production prototype for the new format instruction manuals they now use. There were a few changes from Chris' original kit too, and Amati wanted those incorporated in the new manuals. 


Those manuals (yes, plural!) will contain (tentatively) around 1500 build photos, and be perfect-bound, glossy productions. I've already broken down Chris' construction into a multitude of chapters, with each depicting a specific sequence/task. For example, there will be a chapter for building each size of gun, each of the launches, the stove, first planking, but also for fitting out whole decks. 


For this build, I will use the existing manuals that Chris made when he finished his kit.




Since Chris designed the model, Amati's laser manufacturer had changed the specs on sheet size that they could cut, so the sheet layouts needed to be rehashed for the new sizes. That was done earlier this year, but just when everything looked like it was going to plan (again), Italy, then the rest of the world, went into lockdown. So here we now are on the other side....just about.


DHL delivered the HUGE box not long ago, and it is fantastically heavy! What is omitted at the moment are some first layer planks that they will ship when back in stock, and the cannon and figurehead. They won't be needed for a long time. They are also waiting on the copper PE, but I do have all the sheets of brass PE here. So, we have bags of laser-cut material (MDF, ply, timber), sleeves of strip (lots of them!), bags of PE and a whole bag of various fittings. I already have the thirty-one sheets of plans. 

Remember, this isn't a review, but just a build log. I cant review something like this which isn't quite complete. That's not the purpose. 





Inside the box, all the laser cut parts were bagged into two thick poly sleeves. These packs were of course the real weight behind this delivery. I'll open them later to look through them but I've included a few images they sent me of the parts before they shipped out.












The sheer quantity of strip and dowel in this model is bewildering. The only time I've seen as much as this is when I've been in a hobby shop!




Fittings. Usually Amati pack these into trays, but for this purpose, all the stuff is in little bags and sleeves and bundled into this substantial bag. You name it, and it's in here...




Photo etch: Here's all the brass sheet stuff. I am waiting on the copper parts yet, but thought you'd like to see these.







As I've been promising this kit arriving for a long time, I felt the need to stick my flag in the ground and start a build log showing the stuff that I now have.


I won't be actually starting this until after 3rd August as I'll be away, plus I also have a project I need to take care of before that (written article, not a build).


So....there we have it!!!


**Apologies for phone camera pics too. The build will be done like my typical studio photos**

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Im very interested, though I cant say Im particularly thrilled to see another Victory kit in the market - perhaps this one will become THE one.      Looks like a lot of design work and prep went into it congrats to them, happy to follow along.   Thanks for sharing with us all James.

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47 minutes ago, Admiral_Farragut said:

is this available to purchase or still prototype?

James is building the second prototype and will be taking photographs for the instruction manuals along the way. Amati says the release date will be toward the end of 2021 -- realistically you might want to add a few months on to that.

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Late 2021 gives some entrepreneurs time to create some scale furniture and/or fixtures and the odd crew to put inside the ship, in one or more cabins, underneath one of the main hatches etc, captain at his desk perhaps. I gather there’s a detailed laser scan of the ship, perhaps those looking to gather support could commercialize that data in other ways. Just thinking 🤔 

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WOW is an understatement for this monster.

Will be following your build with interest. What do you reckon a couple of weeks?:D:D

When you paint, will it be pink or the IMO correct scheme of yellow?

Looking forward to the start of your build.

Good Luck,


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