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Bar-class boom defence vessel HMS Barbican

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Just an enquiry wether anyone has any information on HMS Barbican  between 1950-1958.

It's home port was Rosyth and went to the Med at the time of the Suez crisis but the Egyptians closed the canal and so she stayed at Valletta. I know she was a coal burner and launched in 1939. Have searched the internet but very little comes up about Barbican, her sister ships are a bit better documented,  but Barbican is the one my dad served on therefore any info gratefully appreciated. 

Cheers 👍😀

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The Bar class seems to have been pretty popular and fairly well documented, Edward - even the RAN had three of them.  What information are you looking for, exactly?  If it'd specific minor detail of your dad's ship, is it worth trying to contact any of his former shipmates?



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3 hours ago, Jim Lad said:

even the RAN had three of them

Yes, I got plenty on the Kangaroo, Karangi and Koala, there was quite a fair amount on Barleycorn,  Baritone and Barcarole. I just struggled with Barbican as I only got the info already mentioned, plus where she was built  and one picture. 

I'll have a look through his service record for ship mates as you suggested. 


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After having a bit of a search through I came upon a post from @bruce d about the loss of Royal  Navy small ship records/logs so maybe this is why I can't find barbicans service record.  I shall continue with ex crew search though. 


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15 hours ago, BANYAN said:

Hi, have you tried contacting the Royal Navy Records section (held in Kew I think), or even the various Royal Navy Museums.  You never know what you might uncover.  They have been very helpful with my various inquiries.





Thanks I'll give that a try.

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