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Another Airbrushing Noob

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I recently got an amazing deal on an older but never used Iwata airbrush and compressor package. (see what have you received today thread)


As you can see it came with a very nice Iwata Eclipse siphon feed airbrush. My question is would it be worth while to get a gravity feed also? Are there advantages to one over the other or is it more personal preference. It seems like the siphon would be more for larger jobs where a lot of paint is required where the gravity would work better for finer details? I am just guessing as I have not the first clue about any of this stuff.


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My airbrush of choice for simply painting rather than fancy graphics or weathering will always be the Paasche Model H. I have two. One for colour, one for clear. Bullet proof, easy to clean and with a very fine spray, what more do you want (apart from silly bragging rights!)  But to paint larger objects i use a spotting gun, a small gravity spray gun meant for touching up spots and dents on small repairs.They are so cheap and beautifully made. Around £18 for a good one from your friendly auto paints shop (where I get all my paints).



Earlier builds:-M.V. Peterna- sand barge made from a Galipoli landings Galeas (first commission)

                     Miss America X, 1/8th scale-scratchbuilt

                     Baby Horace III, 1/8th scale-     "

                     Miss Britain III, 1/12th scale-     "

                     Riva Aquarama Specials x 2, 1/12th scale-scratchbuilt

                     Lapstrake Freebody electric canoe, 1/12th scale-"

                     Albatross speedboat, 1/6th scale, all aluminium, "

Current builds:-

                    Victorian Racing Cutter Vanity by M.R.Field - scale 1:16 - Radio

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I’m a big fan of the badger patriot gravity feed, dual action Air-Brush.  I bought mine from USA Air brush supply, who happens to be a site sponsor.


Air brushing is great, best of luck!  Judging by your obvious abilities, I’m guessing you will catch on quick. 

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To me, the biggest difference is the pressures you are going to shoot at, and the intended usage/spray pattern, the gravity feeds run on a bit lower pressures as they don’t have to siphon the paint up from the reservoir and consequently can shoot a bit finer line at lower pressures. If you are doing really fine, thin lines then gravity feed will be your best option. I find that for plastic models, and so far all my wood spraying needs a siphon brush (iwata eclipse) has meet all my needs, I can get a finer line than I need, and it sprays every medium I need (so far) with a great pattern and consistency. Plus I can fill a larger container if I have a larger single color need... as always YMMV depending on your preferences- and of course, having both is the best of all! I would recommend the badger siphon cup for small jobs though (for the iwata siphon brush)- it’s pickup tube runs all the way to the bottom of the cup.... some only go halfway or so....

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