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  1. Hi Colin, yes that is very much from the same mould as Vanity. Just a little earlier and perhaps a little smaller. The model has a few more bits on her now, but progress is slow. I have been trying to join a new model flying club as I left the previous one because they were too divided and were not taking training seriously, but the last minute the new one decided to leave it until next year!. So I may be getting rather more done on Vanity now. Cheers, Martin
  2. Thanks, Michael, she's slowly getting there, but I only have weekends and then only if the weather's good which it hasn't been lately much. Martin
  3. Well, lovely weather today, so I dragged Vanity out and had a crack at her mast and spars. I'd already made these parts, but a while back I stole the mast to make the handle for my model aeroplane field box that I made. So, another main mast was called for and I found a nice straight grained piece of fine pine at B&Q's. Used my sweet new disc sander that my dear bride bought me for Dad's Day and tapered the foot of the mast till it fitted closely in the step. Then, having made the bowsprit ages ago, I decided to fit the bitts in the deck for holding the inboard end. I'd also already made t
  4. Jonny, thanks for your comments. It's a very odd thing...I haven't had any new comments for weeks and then there's three in one day and a message! And usually Sunday on the 'net is very quiet. I find the best of the racing yachts to be the most beautiful of craft, if a little narrow in style. I have an excellent book called Traditions and memories of American Yachting, which has photos and lines of many nations' yachts. I think the racers can make a good foil to all the pilot cutters that are made, although they're lovely vessels too. Martin
  5. I think she was indeed, one of the slenderest ones. Certainly a successful boat whilst the class rules lasted which was sadly not very long. She was classed as a C class cutter. She went to America and beat the then America's Cup winner on the same course in a friendly, so she was a fast boat. Such a shame she has ended up in Bristol, unloved and falling apart. I hope my model will due her memory some justice. I'm just so damned busy and the weekend weather has not been friendly. I can only do my stuff at the weekend, amongst all the domestic chores that must be done. Martin
  6. Thanks, Keith, yes she is a lovely slender lady, which may make her tender in light winds, but she'll stand a blow. I've just been too busy lately to do any more on her, but she will be finished. Martin
  7. Didn't see that. Why price in dollars and have a European voltage motor? Weird. Well, I have to say it. "I'm alright, Jack, pull up the ladder" <G> Martin
  8. Isn't this weather wonderful? OK, still not allowed to fly when we want (I will NOT plead for a two hour block with the man who thinks he runs the club!), but it does allow me to get on with Vanity in the little bit of shade my shed affords me. Bulwarks on and treenailed and the first capping rails going on, having been band sawed from the same mahogany that I used for the hull, suitably filed to section. Once set they too are treenailed with mahogany pulled through a drawplate to size. Martin
  9. Wefalck, I have no idea of the arbor hole diameter in the blade as I have had no reason to take it apart. It describes itself as German designed, but that never impresses me as I've worked and lived in Germany and was never impressed by purely German design, much of which was appalling. I assumed that was why there were so many foreign contractors there including me and 175 others in just one company! It is what it is. It does not suffer from a fence that isn't locked at the back. It stays put perfectly well, better, for instance, than the Micro craft which I used for decades with, wh
  10. I have just found this advert which is the same machine, albeit in dollars. https://joystar.en.made-in-china.com/product/gsrxGvZdMbcN/China-Mini-table-saw-for-woodworking-MTS-3115-.html Hope that helps, Martin
  11. Well, I can, but they now say "unavailable". I'm sorry. Looks like I must have got the last one! But I'd keep an eye on the page in case they get more in. My wife paid just under £60 for it. It came with tools and a spare belt. https://www.amazon.co.uk/ABEST-Electrical-Bench-Benchtop-Hobby/dp/B07CGBX394 Martin
  12. My ancient Minicraft table saw burned out recently after decades of use and they seem to no longer be made, so my wife searched for me and found an Abest on Amazon for £60. I only use a table saw for planks, timber heads etc. So she got it for me. It arrived, after ordering one evening, the very next lunchtime, well packaged! I immediately put it to use and have been using it constantly since. It is billed as German designed (not that that impresses me!) although it is, of course, made in China. I did check the Byrnes price, laughed and let her order the Abest. It appears to be no differe
  13. Today I got some treenails in to maximise strength in the bulwarks. Once tother side is done I can trim them off with a new scalpel blade and then cut the capping rails to shape and thin down . They are to be made from the same mahogany as the hull, but all I have left are overly thick strips, so once shaped they can be sawn thinner. Cheers, Martin
  14. The silversmith actually got the electro-forming process completely wrong and needed to do a vast amount of re-modelling to meet the deadline for the first model. I spent a weekend with him and his father treating sheets of silver as I would brass and making parts from solid silver that couldn't be cast in resin and electro-formed. I figured if I could make stuff an experienced silversmith couldn't and quickly, too, I was worth a Hallmark. So I applied and got one. The silversmith was so put out that he took all his stuff away from my workshop when he knew I wouldn't be there and I never he
  15. Thanks, Druxey. Being so busy I can only do it when it's a weekend of decent weather. Martin
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