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I thought I might post the method I recently used to create my Hammock netting on Caldercrafts Victory 1:72.

I tried a couple of different things, couldn't find anything to buy-either wrong scale or wrong colour.

Victorys nets are diamond in natural.

So I decided to 'weave' them.

Again I tried a couple of methods.

Pins were not the best idea because the pin diameter offsets the thread and you get into more complex winding.

Plus with pins you have to keep constant tension.

So hit on a different method.

First i spent an age getting the nesting optimal.


Picked a shape fairly oblong and found a bit of ex shelf unit (nice shiny surface)

Then I took some offcuts of ply clamped them together and ran a fine tooth saw through them, used a gauge to space the cuts every 3mm.

The pitch between threads is 2mm

Mounted the strips to all four sides.


Placed a bit of .5 x .5 section inside each wall.

That meant that the thread sat off the surface and made threading easier and stopeed the glue sticking it down

Then ran a thread in one diagonal across the whole surface (25 metres!)

The really good thing is that the thin slots grip the thread and no tensioning is required except for each run.


Then ran in the other direction, under, over, under, over etc.......

A light brush with watered down PVA as I went.

I 'tweeked' the spacing to get it even just prior to the glue.

hey presto a bunch of good looking netting, pliable but with good glued joints.

All is cost was a big serving of time and patience



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That's a very neat set-up and looks like it works really well. I'd like to see the finished nets in situ - I bet they look fabulous! I'm afraid I cheated on mine - used nylon Tulle, painted black.


Thanks for sharing your technique.

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