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A search for "9mm ball bearings" on Amazon turned up some options and I also saw some black ceramic versions ("9mm ceramic ball bearing") on eBay, but they seem a little pricey depending on how many you need.

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PLEASE take 30 SECONDS and sign up for the epic Nelson/Trafalgar project if you would like to see it made into a TV series.   Click on http://trafalgar.tv   There is no cost other than the 30 seconds of your time.  THANK YOU


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OOO Buckshot is the almost the exact size you need (9.1mm) 


I don't know where you are located, but a 5 round box (8 pellets per shell) is about $7.00 a box in the US. 

Joe Volz



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Model Shipways "Benjamin W. Latham"



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Hi reg  i had a similar with my model  marie jeanne on the gaff jaws the kit just had ropes ,but i like parrel beads   .finding somthing like this is not easy ,but then i had a little idea .i have a shot dispenser for fishing and some of the smaller sizes pinched onto the rope and a tiny spot  of ca to fix looked just fine and it occured to me tha that alot of the different size shot could substitute for cannonballs of different weights and the colour is spot on as they are a dullish dark grey  so if you know someone who goes fishing maybe you can ask them   hope this helps        sticker


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Parrel beads is what you are talking about now. Here is my comment on that subject a couple of years ago:


"Although I inherited a box full of antique very small seed-beads (at some stag,e embroidery using these glass beads was fashionable), I have been constantly hunting for them, as they never seem to come in the right colour ...

The keywords to look for are seed-beads or rocaille (beads). Their size is given in either millimetres or fractions of an inch, i.e. a size 16/0 would be 1.58 mm in diameter.

They seem to have been made traditionally by the Bohemian glass industry and in Venice. However, new stock seems to go down only to 18/0. If you need smaller ones, you need to hunt for antique stock. The smallest I have seen on Web-sites are 26/0 and my antique stock (unfortunately ivory coloured) falls into that size category.

See also: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seed_bead"


For beads of any size and description, just look around ebay, in the ladies' handycraft sections as well as in the nail 'art' section.



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