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An excellent read for a beginner Modeler or a professional needing to get back to the basics. Ship Modeling from Stem to Stern is the Modeler’s compass, a K-12 education in ship modeling and a career counselor. Most importantly, thank you, Mr. Roth, for introducing me to Lusci, the great!



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This was the first ship modeling book I'd ever owned. Though it's not perfect, I learned a lot from it and got tons of inspiration from looking at the photos of shipmodels in the book. I never met Mr. Roth, but his wife Lois had maintained his ship model mail order shop, The Dromedary, for many year and I called them often. 


I have to admit to having a small crush on Rose, who worked for the shop... 😊



Clare Hess

He's a -> "HE"

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9 hours ago, catopower said:

Though it's not perfect,

It has it's shortcomings, but I had to get a lot deeper into wood ship modeling before I was aware of that.

I came across it in the library before I built my first wood model, and I found the Vanguard on the cover to be mesmerizing.


It is the kind of book that can get young people hooked..   Just try getting them hooked with Steel as a first book..😁

Luck is just another word for good preparation.


Current builds:    Rattlesnake (Scratch From MS Plans 

On Hold:  HMS Resolution ( AKA Ferrett )

In the Gallery: Yacht Mary,  Gretel, French Cannon

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