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Line drawing and art - Willem van de Velde son

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Till the end of March 2022 a great overview exhibition of the ship drawings and paintings by father and son Van de Velde can be seen in the Maritime Museum, Amsterdam (NL). While I am not sure one could build a model from this line drawing of a yacht by the son (made ca. 1675), isn't this an irresistible combination of technique and art? I could not resist sharing this with all of you, anyway.


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17 minutes ago, Bob Cleek said:

The guy with the violin seems oddly out of place. There had to be a story there. :D 

Haha, might it be Jack Aubrey’s great-grandfather? (For our Patrick O’Brian fans) The drawing was made too early to make us think it’s Haendel practicing his Water music, because that only premiered in 1717…

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4 hours ago, wefalck said:

As to the violin: these were used, inter alia, as 'party boats', so not surprising that there would be also some musical entertainment.

That's true. I was hoping somebody wasn't using a Stradivarius as a paddle!

If anybody in the world would know the back story on that paddle, it would be Ab Hoving.

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Sorry, I have not been paying attention for a long time.

Actually, I did nothing, but I asked my friend Rene Hendrickx to work van de Velde's sketch out in 3D with Delftship and he came out with this:

Knipsel.PNG.0499e87b1db9ee25a98d4fea45d655e5.PNG Knipsel1.PNG.ce08389c7f2219ab3752aca0660ce1ba.PNG 


For anyone interested to build the model, here is the Delftship file:



Be my (our) guest.


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