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Planking - Basswood Question - moved and retitled by moderator

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I have one of five hundred limited editions of a kit from BB and it comes with Obeshi planking for the hull.

This material is very soft and useful especially when adding a second planking to it..

As for this kit waiting, it will be even more elaborate .... ....  hopefully the idea of might work.

Just as i say, .... may work.

Results will show.


Use the Obeshi wood, as for the first layer of planking. then adding wood of your choice ...second layer is the thin option of wood.



Looking forward to see more of your progress.

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Basswood is fairly standard in ME kits. It's biggest problem is it is very soft. It is easy to work on especially sanding as one of the other members mentioned.  It also can be readily bent after soaking in water. It stains nicely unless you do not properly clean up excess glue on the surface. That can be easily accomplished by scrapping or rubbing with a q-tip soaked in acetone or Isopropanol depending on what glue you used (CA or PVA). Some folks subtitute better woods for key areas where color or hardness would be beneficial.


Jaxboat B)

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Wow, thanks very much for all the prompt answers, I am currently scratch building the "Joffre" (steam powered British tug) Just about ready to begin the planking which will be painted so I would think Basswood will be fine.

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