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mini belt sanders

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 Hello all

  It's been awhile since I posted anything..was in  Naples, Fl for the winter dealing with the last hurricane issues.. but found time to work on my Confederacy... I decided to bring her home to NY,  along with my Byrnes saw,minidrill etc or risk losing them in the next blow.. I was looking at those Chinese mini belt sanders, which I could transport back and forth..One of our guys  demonstrated one at our  Naples Shipmodelers  mtg..I thought it was quite nice..anyone have any feedback /preference on them?   Thanks in advance


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I have two... a Proxxon and a MicroMark. Both are hand held. The Micromark is wider than the Proxxon and requires their power supply to operate it.  Both work well.  For most purposes, I use the MicroMark version as I find the Proxxon is a bit unwieldy for many tasks.


I also have a belt/disk combo but I really wouldn't say it's all that portable.

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Hello John, 

I have one of the AliBaba belt Sanders that was bought on a whim. It's great!

You have probably seen they come in different forms but all appear to have the same components so all I can say is mine works well, the dc motor is plenty strong enough for the job, the supplied belts are better than expected,  the variable speed/reversing transformer is a must and most surprisingly the build quality was rock-solid.

I wouldn't use this tool for non-stop production line work but I sharpen chisels and saw blades with it as well as the lighter jobs and it doesn't complain. 



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11 hours ago, manning16 said:

..Bruce, I lived in London,Lancaster Rd/ Portobello  Rd in the 70's..


John, I was in Bassett Road at that time ... four blocks away. Seems we might have bumped into each other at Portobello Road market on Saturday mornings.

For the record, here is the mini-beltsander I enthused about:




Image is representative of Alibaba items, same machine is available from a dozen vendors.

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Posted (edited)
On 3/22/2023 at 8:18 PM, manning16 said:

Shipmodelers  mtg..I thought it was quite nice..anyone have any feedback /preference on them? 

I have the old Dremel 1"/5" combo that is what preceded all of these others

I have not really found a use for it.  If you find you need a disc sander, one of the Byrens machines will serve you well.

A belt sander seems to be aggressive.  You are POB?  I think you will really regret using one to bevel the moulds.  It will eat more than you want it to, faster than you want it to.

If you intend to use it to spill planks, there are much safer ways.  A miniature hand plane can remove fine curls until you get to the sanding block stage.


It has been a couple of lifetimes since I built a kit and none was POB.  With that, I am having a difficult time visualizing a job for a belt sander with a POB build.  Certainly no job that a hand tool would not do at a much lower cost and be easier to migrate with.


I do use a 4"x36" el cheepo HF belt sander.  It is excellent at doing bulk beveling of a 1"-2" thick plywood made of 12 layers of Hard Maple and Pine.  But if you do that, you need to live alone.  The cloud of saw dust makes Pigpen look pristine and a 1950's South Carolina cotton mill look like an operating room.

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