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USF Confederacy by cookster - Model Shipways - 1:64

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This kit is my 50th birthday present to myself.  I don't really need another kit, as I'm deep into my Constitution build and I have the Syren sitting in drydock, all alone....


But, I really wanted this kit, Expo had a deal, and it was my birthday after all so here we are...


I don't plan to do any major construction until after I finish planking my Conny which will take another month or 2 at least (as slow as I am...)  I do plan on making a new stem in swiss pear and I'll probably work on that on and off over the next few weeks.


I do have some unique plans for this build, hopefully they pan out.  I opened the box and took some pics of a few things, didn't see the need to photograph everything as others have already done that.


So, a few pics...


Big Anchor...


The figure's not that bad, but it does have issues.  Most notably pits from air pockets during the pour and the back "wings" have a lot of flash and are shaped funny.  I'll probably wind up getting Chuck's figurehead.






Cannons aren't that bad, the cannons for my Conny are MUCH worse.  Don't know yet if I'll keep them or go with Chucks...



The wood items look pretty good...


I knew she was big but the size of the deck was surprising!


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Welcome to the fleet, Wes. 


With the Connie on the ways and Syren on your list you have 3 really nice projects in mind.  And from what I've seen of your Connie they are all going to be spectacular.


I'm just rolling on Confed and don't plan to break any speed records.  We've got Ben out in front and he's doing some fabulous work.  And Andy once he finishes his Peggy.  So it should be fun. (Not to mention some really fine kit and scratch builds already done).


Are you thinking of rigging her or are you going with the Admiralty version?


Keep us posted.

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