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links to books on 18th/19th century shipbuilding

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I remember that there used to be a sticky post with some links to books on 18th/19th century shipbuilding and seamanship, so to start again here are some download sites :

From Google books Pdf download:

A treatise on marine architecture - Peter Hedderwick 1830

A treatise on masting ships and mastmaking - John Fincham 1843

A treatise on shipbuilding and navigation - Mungo Murray 1754

The shipwright vade-mecum - P. Steel 1805

The young officer's sheet anchor with additions by GW Blunt  - Darcy Lever 1853


http://hnsa.org/doc/steel/index.htm for The elements and practice of seamanship by David Steel 1794


Hope it will be of some use


All the best to everybody



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Thank you trippwj for the update, I reckon it should have gone into that forum, but it seemed to me here would be a good place to start.

Anyway just for the sake of continuity here goes a link to Chapman's Architectura Navalis Mercatoria drawings






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I just wanted to advise users of Google books for pdf downloads that I've found some books that weren't available for download on the English language Google site were available on the German language site and probably on other language sites as well.  

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