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Manufacturing of round preparations for a booms and thin yards

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Having tried some known ways of manufacturing of masts and yards (a plane-drill-file-emery paper and etc.), I have come to a conclusion that for qualitative manufacturing of round preparations in diameter 3; 4 both 6 mm and length more than 100 mm (for a booms and the top yards Montanes) it is necessary to do any adaptation. 

Having spent about 2 hours of time, I have made the hollow milling heads similar applied at manufacturing of round sites on axes of gun carriages. Heads are made of round steel preparations in diameter 10; 12 and 15 mm, length 30 mm with through apertures in diameter 3,2; 4,2 and 6,2 mm. At end faces of preparations the diamond circle makes crosswise prosaws, and then the file and конусным a pine forest generates a cutting teeth. Then heads are truncated till the length of 12-15 mm for reduction of a friction of the processed part of wooden preparation.

The head is inserted into a cartridge of the lathe and on small turns through it rectangular preparation from a pear is passed. On an exit from a head preparation has in section the form of a correct circle, stable diameter on all length and a qualitative surface with an allowance on polishing to 0,2 mm on diameter.

Final polishing is carried out by means of rather known simple adaptation from 2 plates which, however, allows to avoid substantially "excavation of holes" on a preparation surface.






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Very impressive work Garward. Making your own cutting bits looks like a dedicated job.


I made my square parts of the masts by laminating four flat pieces to the round stock (after filing some flats). That, of course, means that the seams show on two sides, but in my case the masts are painted white, so it did not matter. I did the same thing with the octagonal parts.

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Thanks a lot, Garward, for the tips. I've been thinking about how to use the Proxxon cutting discs to make such pieces, but the fact is I don't have a lathe and I can see how useful it is. Is your lathe one of the Chinese made ones? If so, which one, and have you been happy with it? I might buy one next year when I can afford it!



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I might add that these mini lathes are really a neat addition to my shop. I bought one on Graig's List for $400 and it included just about all the usual extras such as four jaw chuck, face plate, follower rest, steady rest, extra bits, etc. I have also made some modifications such as a cam operated tail stock clamp and the dial indicators shown below. By the way, the small dial cannot move crosswise and is no danger of being hit by the chuck (of course, large parts could damage both, but they are very easy to remove). In order to install the large one, I had to move the controls to the back.


In the US there are at least four companies that sell their own version, but they are all made in China by essentially the same company. Here they include Harbor Freight, Grissly. Little Machine Shop, and Micro Mark.


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Yes, lathes of this kind well are suitable for the purposes of modeling of the ships. My machine too is completed with extras. PROMA firms also were transferred recently by part of the production to China. But I managed to buy the machine one year prior to this event  :)

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Hi, Carl! 

I already understood long ago that without the corresponding good tool anything sensible you won't make, especially models of the sailing ship. And if there is no ready tool suitable for this work, it is necessary to do it though it and demands a lot of time :) .

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