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  1. Hi Sjors Fantastic looking Agamemnon, 1st class job Congrats with a new home We are also planning a new house, hopefully we start building before summer, lot of workspace for all my hobbies.. Say hi to Anja from us Børge
  2. I am around.. The ARM aint good, my back is bugging me. We have spring at the moment so a lot to to outside, and inside. We have changed the livingroom floor covering, and other things to come.. Børge
  3. Hi Sjors Its fantastic to se how nice work you are doing, the planking looks perfect. Keep up the nice work Børge
  4. One word Popeye "Perfetto". Just wonderful work my friend.., this will be verynice to watch as she goes along... Børge
  5. Hi Sjors Wonerful job on your ship, this will be nice to follow.... Say hi to Anja, and dont make heer work to much Børge
  6. Thanks Guys, a happy new year to all of you to. Wont be long now before i am back in the build, have been workng a lot with the CNC mil lately. Børge
  7. She is looking very nice now, i can imagine how she will apear with planking done. she will be a jewel.. Børge
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