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Small lockable tool chest

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New to the site and had a quick question regarding what folks do to keep the knives and other shiny pointy stuff out of the way of the grandkids?  I'm setting up a new work area in a spare room in the house that is frequented by a 4 and a 2 year old who can be quite curious.  Right now, I keep most everything in the top of a closet.  I'd like to keep it on the work table where it is quickly available.  I use a collection of the small plastic tray cabinets but they do not lock, hence their home in the top of the closet.







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JP, I had thought about that, but this room is also Lego Central...so it would be selfish of me to lock the babes out.   :) There is nothing else they can hurt aside from themselves with the tools.  Thanks for the thought.


Jeff, I think you hit the nail on the head.  That is exactly what i've been imagining.  I had forgotten about HF and there is a store about 20minutes away from me.  I think I'll make the trek this weekend and check those out.

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Next question is, how to hide tools from grown kids? Not to protect kids, but to protekt tools? First Dremel set, then paintbrushes, after anvile (!). Yesterday soldering iron ...


BTW, with locking door, you will hide Lego from yourself ;)

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My daughter wouldn't give any of it a second glance.


I explained to my son that "all this" is his inheritance so it all needs to be treated as such


So he started taking them home!   :huh: 


He calls it borrowing

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Nenad, it's rather odd...but the Legos seem to be multiplying at an alarming rate.   :huh:  Where once there was only one set, there are now 6 separate and distinct sets.  The 4 year old knows the exact inventory of each of hers.  So far the ship yard and the lego yard are coexisting peacefully.  I found that I only use a small subset of the total inventory of pointy sharp tools, and I have these in a small plastic storage shelf set that I can easily put away in the closet.  


Alan, I think that means it's time for you to upgrade your collection!

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