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bench grinder and do you really need one

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Hi every one.

I went through the tool log's and seems that there isn't much writtern about the bench grinder, at least none that I can find here on the site. We as a crew cover a lot about the different tool's and this is great for folks who are starting out and even a few of us that are tool junkies. :D I really do love reading this part on MSW about new items that may pass me by because I didn't know or didn't see it in a build log some place.  Any way am thinking about getting a bench grinder and the main reason is to shape my lathe tool's in to different shapes for making parts and pieces.After that am sure I find other uses for it if I get one.  I have a belt sander and even a Tormex sharpner but really wondering if I need a bench grinder. I really don't want to use my tomex for grinding and figure well maybe the belt sander could do it. Have not tried it but may give it a shot. I know that grinders are not expense but do you have any thoughts about one and how would you shape your lathe tools with out one?  Any thought's guys.

Thank in advance.


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I use a Dremel with a stone for grinding my lathe tools.  No need for a bench grinder and no place to store one either.

"The shipwright is slow, but the wood is patient." - me

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I have a bench grinder but don't use it very often. If you do buy one invest in a decent tool rest for it, the ones supplied aren't normally very good. I sharpen all my lathe tools, both metal and woodworking tools on my belt and disc sander. Personally, if I didn't have either then I would definitely invest in a Robert Sorby ProEdge.




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I still might buy a ProEdge, until then though I will continue to use my much modified Record BDS250


SAFETY FIRST if you plan to shape wood and sharpen tools on the one machine you must carefully remove all wood dust from the machines nooks and crannies before sharpening tools. If you don't you'll quickly find the sparks from tool sharpening has set fire to the wood dust! DAMHIKT.









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Thanks guys.

Am sure that others will also find this to be helpful in their quest for tools that will be a good addition to their shop. QA that is one hell of a machine, pardon the pun sir. You can really hog off some wood with that.You modification to you belt sander are out standing that's for sure. I did go out in the work shop and tried my belt sander and seems that it did a good job on one of my HSS lathe tool which looks like a V and then also shapen one of my small wood tuning tools. It worked and may just save me a couple of dollars in the future. If not I probably go out and order the bench grinder your showing QA. I have always like Grizzly tools and are a good price for what you get from them. My jointer and table saw came from them and are a real joy to use. 



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I have a small bench grinder for shaping my tool bits.  For basic sharpening I will use my Delta belt/disc sander.  For wood turning I use my Delta and then clean up with a stone and a buffer with my Foredom.

David B

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