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I am stumped on how to make the stanchions.


I have a bunch of brass nails and somehow I am supposed to turn these into the stanchions.


Are the stanchions ropes through metal stands or are they all metal? 


My CS is about 1:140 






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Omar, maybe is solution or idea in Rfolsom and my approach, detail description i our logs.

Any way, even in 1:140 scale, there must be metal works with soldering. Problem is in so called "ringed" stanchions where you have two rings - one very small hard attached to stanchion, and another, movable, which is conected through small one. as on picture above




Another problem is - if you use Campbell plans, you will notice that every second stanchion is "ringed"

But, according to the picture, there are some deviations in present state of Ship


Third problem - smaller ring in scale 1:140, if you want to do it in right scale, must be about/less than 1mm in outside diameter. Even if you succeed to make it, and even if you succeed to solder it, you did not resolve all problems.  What wire to use and with what thickness to be strong enough to hold ropes and another ring? Thicker wire reduces inside hole in ring, and reflects to thickness of wire for outside ring.

And what about horizontal connection to bulwark ?


Facing with this, and my insufficient experience, and insufficient skill, also a luck of tools, I decided to do some simplifications, as you can see on pages #48,#49 etc in my log


And here is final result, with simplifications and artistic approach, more to underline presence of stanchions and presence of rings than to represent them in scale ( There must be some color correction later, before them get their real final look)




Dont forget, stanchions are under rails almost hidden, and there will be a lot of stuff to visually cover stanchions ( pin rails, pins, deadeyes, jungle of ropes, sails etc etc). Devil is not so black as it seems on first look


I hope this could help



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The stations are round so I don't think etching would work.  Some brass rod of various diameters and a bit of silver soldering is all that is needed to make them.  They are painted white based on the photo posted by Nenad so no blackening of the brass is required.  Just a bit of cleaning before painting. If you are not experienced in silver soldering, fear not :)!    The thought of silver soldering was rather intimidating to me before I gave it a try.  Once I made a few soldered joints I was hooked and never again used CA, soft solder or epoxy for joining brass.



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