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A pox on me for a knave...it is of course perpendicular. Are the frames usually perpendicular to the keel (I have learned not to say "always") even when there is a lot of drag aft such as in a cutter or schooner? What about the cant frames up in the eyes of the bow. Are they still perpendicular when viewed athwartship?


I confess never to have done a true plank on frame

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Assuming the keel is horizontal and not a tail dragger, if you put a square on the "ground" and the blade vertical and against the fore or aft side of the cant frame, or any frame for that matter, it should be flat against the blade, that is, 90 degrees to the ground.  If this is not clear, let me know and I will post a photo this evening.  The cant frames are canted fore or aft, but are still vertical.  The following sketch may help.




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