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Domanoff Rope Serving Machine

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I have been trying to contact Alexey for several days about purchasing his Rope Serving Machine. After opening the home page on his website and going to the relevant page for this machine I have tried sending an enquiry via the tab where the price is listed and also tried sending an email via his contact panel. I have done this a number of times over several days and have not received a response. Can anybody enlighten me as to if there is some other method I am not aware of or has he fallen off the planet. Any help would be appreciated.



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Opps... Sorry, I missed this post


The problem was with our site (you couldn't use some symbols in both address and name fields), now we fixed it. Thank you for your help to solve this.


Your parcel is shipped out from our country on 3.09 and maybe still on the way as I can't obtain any data from Australian post. Sometimes it takes 7-10days, sometimes 30... Post is unpredictable...


Have you received PSU?




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Mine arrived about 3 weeks after I put in the order. I got the serving machine 2.5. The power supply is shipped separately from China because Australia uses a different (240 volt) system.


I found that the machine worked much better after I lubricated all the shafts (where they go through the `posts') with fishing reel grease. This grease is designed to use with small gears and worked particularly well when I engaged the power option which would not turn very well on the very lowest settings before greasing.


I also made an addition/modification to the machine by adding another shaft to hold my seizing cotton rather than having it sitting loose in front of the machine. There was just enough room on the `feet' of the `posts' to add a couple of right angled brackets that I cut and folded from some scrap perspex. I used the same diameter threaded rod as was used in the other shafts on the machine.  


post-1505-0-26678900-1418793331_thumb.jpg    post-1505-0-31306200-1418793367_thumb.jpg


post-1505-0-54942400-1418793391_thumb.jpg    post-1505-0-06636600-1418793411_thumb.jpg



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Thank you very much for you valued report and idea!!!


"The power supply is shipped separately from China because Australia uses a different (240 volt) system."


The reason is another type of socket. We (EU) use the same 220-240V but different socket. So I offer drop shipment for any PSU different from EU.

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No problem Alexey, I think that this machine is well worth the money. The fact that I could pay via payal and shipping was included was great ( postage/shipping can be a BIG issue 'Down Under') I thought the postage was very quick and I also liked the fact that you sent an email with a photo of the package attached when you dispatched it. I get a lot of stuff via mail and this is the first time I have seen it done.

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