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Amati New Revenge kit- What scale will it be?


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Will it EVER be built ?

Possibly the most anticipated kit ever to be launched but NEVER made 

"Wasa" was Swedish and a very popular build by many ,and as far as I know there are no Swedish model kit builders  ( sorry if I am wrong )

For Crying out loud Why the wait?

   I am totally surprised that Caldercraft have not made kit yet. They are based in the south of England  near Plymouth  famous for a famous "HOE" ( Not a lady of the night) for members who do not know English history/ geography  )

Short of HMS Victory the "Revenge" must be one of Britons most famous very early war ships 

With out Sir Walter Raleigh (and the Black Adder ) we would not even have the potato let alone tobacco, OH yes obesity and Lung cancer OK lets forget the Potato and tobacco 

But he did sink the Spanish Amerada with a little help from the Weather man (and the who knows soon to be a NEW country 'maybe')  Scotland's Rugged coastline. (History buffs help me out here)

  While Crown green blowing Sir Walter should have said  "What Kits I see No Kits" He just said :Ships I see No ships" and carried on playing with his balls



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You are well informed Clare. The retailers are receiving the kits in these days.

We're based in Turin, Italy, though, same city where Amati is. That's why we have the Revenge kits already available.

Our shop is listed on the Amati's official retailer page: http://www.amatimodel.com/en/retailers(look for STATIC NAVAL MODELS).


  alberto s.

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