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Niagara by Carlmb - Model Shipways - 1/64

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Well, it appears to be that time. I have cracked the box and going to try and make some thing that appears like a ship. I gained a little bit of experience building the New Bedford Whaleboat but this is a whole different animal. Checking off the items now and looks like a whole lot of laser burn removal in my future. Made a build board for this part but I am wondering if I should buy a keel clamp or make something similar. Anyone have any thoughts on what is best to build and plank?

I know a lot of people have completed or in the process of building a Niagara so I will have plenty of questions. Will continue to update as I go. Thanks for everyone's help.


p.s. I did a search for adding completed builds to login and could not find it. Any help would be appreciated.





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Hi Carlmb

Welcome to the Niagara Club :)

The best thing you can do now is start your own build log so

that we can watch, help and encourage.

There are a number of build logs underway at the moment so you

should check them for help





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Started by cutting out all the bulkheads and pre-fitting them on to the keel assembly. It was now time to cut the bearding line from the keel. I placed a piece of wax paper over the plan and cut out the bearding line on the wax paper. Placed the wax paper over the keel and traced the line on the keel. Also using wax paper you could flip it over and do both sides of the keel. Using a compass I drew a center line down the keel so I did not sand to far. Using my handy bearding line sander I sanded with 120 till the line was complete. .








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Things to do if you get bored. Paint 18 thirty-two pound carronades (assembled the upper and lower sections and metal rollers). Also painted the cannons. Hit them first with blacken-it then a light coat of spar black paint. Also built one of the coamings.



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Thanks for the offer Laxet, I have been watching your build. One thing I have found in the instructions is that they do not list specifically what strips go to what. On my previous whaleboat build they listed what the strips fit.

Just finished adding the supports between the bulkheads and working on carronades and structures in between.



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Yeah, especially on the hull planking they sort of leave it to your preference. They do call out a lot of dimensions on the plans, but a lot of times it takes a measurement from the print. You have to be careful, though. Often, if there are multiple views of a piece, there will be multiple dimensions also. You have to guess which one is right. Luckily, they give you a lot of extra wood.

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 Looks like you picked a beauty, should turn out to be a great model.

Could I ask you to pull a quick measurement off the plans? I'd like to know the max length of the model, from the tip of the bowsprit to the aft most end of the boom on the main mast. I'm asking because the Model Shipways catalog shows the length as 36.5" but I happen to have a copy of the box cover (sent as packing material when I ordered another MS kit) and it shows the model's length as 43". Could you tell me which is correct?




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Now it is time to attack the bow. Added the front blocks and sanded them close with a Dremel and sanding barrel. Added the 2 supports and upper frame at bow. Added some scrap around the 2 mast holes. Also pinned the lower keel on using a hand drill and some small T pins which I cut with wire cutters. In the process of building the companionway and a ladder.










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Planksheer fit was terrible. I am going to airbrush the planksheer after I have completed the gun ports and sweep ports and shoot everything in red. Here I have sanded the 1/16th filler between the bulkheads. I made a handy gun port/sweep port fitting device and with 3/16 square and 3/32 x 1/8 board I can frame everything. 






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Here is something to kill some time if you are interested. On Ebay for $20.00 you get 4 flickering candles with a remote. Cut the candle to pieces and you get an LED, circuit board and a battery. Build a little ladder for your structure, a small box with a hole in it for the led, assemble it and you get a flickering candle controlled by a nifty remote.







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