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I have this pair of "photo attached" and they have different strengths and they're so, so, but the part that hold the lens has worn out so the lenses wobble and move making it very difficult to see. I like that they don't protrude into my work as much as a traditional visor system that stick out and into your work, but I'd like something of a lot more quality and if possible more options on the X powers.


Suggestions? I'd spend up to $150 were they seriously high quality.

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I have one of those visors as well, but it sticks out too far and I end up bumping into my rigging when I get close enough to see. I like the glasses, but the part that holds the lenses wears out too quickly so the lens wobbles. I don't want to glue a lens in place because it has several lenses to swap out. 

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Drug store (in the USA) reading glasses may be an inexpensive route. Purchase several different pairs, so you can swap out.


Me? I use an Optivisor and or a magnifier/light, as required. Gluing teeny parts onto bigger parts calls for an "I'll try most anything, once" approach.



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I just got these




Supposed to fit over my tri-foculs. 3X, 9.8" work distance. Spent several hours doing research, then a couple more finding what I wanted. I didn't want to have to extend my short arms for some 16" work distance when working on rigging. These were the shortest work distance with the most powerful lenses at that length that also fit over glasses, flip up and have a light.

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