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6 in 1 tool kit (multi purpose machine)

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I don't want to make advertise, and this is why i don't present the name of the manufacture.

I was a "good boy" and Santa Clause (from my own pocket) came early ths year

I will try to present the toy, and how it looks inside, for the one that want to buy one, and did not see the interior of the box






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I used just as lathe for wood, i made just some tests making small barrels, and seems to work ok.

I also make some belaying pins and it is ok.


Maybe the RPM can be high, but i will make some adjusments after christmas.

It is not an Unimat, it seem to be a copy (Unimat i saw don't produce this "toy") but for small things we make to the seeps it is OK.

For Janos, it is also a table saw, but i had no time to try


Hope to be ok in the future.

All the best to all, and a Happy Christmas


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For one setup, it takes about 5-15 minutes (maximum) to make the configuration, from one tipe to other. For variable speed, you need to make some adjustments to the power. One solution is to put a variable resistor ( reostat) and to use a male - famele new conection. The second is to have a variable power supply with the output from 5 to 15 volts, and at least 2 to 3 Amp. I will come with some new ideas, but for the moment i have no time to finish my ideas.

All the best to all Cristi

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I got one of these a few years ago. Its a TOY. You will spend more time setting it up than using it. Even aligning the centres when used as a lathe is a nightmare. Even when set up don't expect accuracy, or to be able repeat a cut, the combination of plastic modules, parts and aluminium extruding flexes making it a waste of money. Even the slightest pressure on the tool tip causes it to move. Don't even think of using it on small pieces of brass, or harder. Mine now lives in a box in the garage. I have since started to invest in quality equipment, starting with the Proxxon mill/drill setup with a precision table. I wish I had saved up a bit more and done this in the first place.


Sorry for the gloom, however I've had more frustration out of attempting to make the best of a bad job using this kit than anything else I can remember and would not like anyone else to suffer likewise.


There are cast aluminium modules available, but its as cheap to buy a small lathe or mill.



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