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  1. As this will be my next build, I think I'll watch how yours is coming along while I finish "The Black Pearl"
  2. Indeed a major milestone Geoff. I like the idea of stepping the masts, that's how it's done on a real ship. That's how I'm doing The Black Pearl. The kit instructions are terrible so I'm doing my best to rig it using references found on here along with several books I've purchased. Rigging Period Ship Models by Lennarth Peterson has been a great help!
  3. I'm actually building The Black Pearl for my wife. When I told her I was wanting to get back into this hobby that's what she really wanted. I wanted to do the Constitution. So, in order to make her happy I agreed to do The Pearl first. I know the Connie will take a bit longer.
  4. Nice work Angel! Love the viking ship. Was it a kit or scratch build. I hope to scratch build one of those some day...
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