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Great Stuff gap-filling foam

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At first it sounds like 'Great Stuff' would be an excellent option for filler blocks.  However, I think it may cause more issues than it solves.  When Great stuff cures, it expands to fill the space available.  My main concern is the false frames and bulkheads might be 'pushed out of alignment' when 'Great Stuff' cures.  Also, will glue bond to it?   

I've made filler blocks by filling in the space with smaller pieces of balsa wood and then sanding it down.  Filler blocks don't need to be pretty, they just need to be functional. 

Dee Dee

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There is a non-expanding version of "Great Stuff". That said, my experience with this stuff suggests that it might be difficult to shape. It's also very messy to use and a can is only good for one application because everything locks up as the foam hardens. It's use once and throw the can away.

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