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Ratlines....the idiot has landed - moved by admin to proper forum.

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Ouch!   This is one of my fears working on ratlines.  I don't know the exact construction of your shrouds (single or paired), and where the cut occurred.  I would be surprised if you can do a splice however.  Probably best to replace it and redo the ratlines.  Others may have more optimistic advice however!


I feel your pain.



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Yikes! Perhaps your "fix" could be documented in the "boo boo" thread ......I also started  my ratlines and convinced myself to start over.....just didn't look right...luckily I avoided your misfortune.



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I started the ratlines on the other side to cool down. It wouldn't seem too awful bad if I hadn't disliked the shrouds when I first did them and then redid them. THEN.....On Friday my two dogs were roughhousing in my den and somehow knocked my ship off the desk. Ended up having to reset the mastheads and, you guessed it, several of the shrouds. I think when I'm done my head will be in the shrouds.

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That's a tough one for which I can think of no quick fix.  If you were using scissors to trim the rats you might consider using a set of 'nail nippers' next time.  Less chance of running afoul on a shroud.  I use the inexpensive small ones sold in fly fishing shops.



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This is one you will need to chalk up to experience, I'm afraid. The upside of this will be that the re-do will be better than the original work - it always is! I had to remove some port lids today that were sub-standard. Revision happens to all of us!

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If you can replace it: do.

However: you can splice it (or do something that looks like it) as long as your rope has no clear strands in it (otherwise you'll be seeing it from miles away), and there will be no tension on the shrould.


How do I know? :( well :(  :( (btw where is the ashamed off emoticon gone :) )


I snipped one of my futtoch shroulds a couple of months ago. I was not able to remove the lower part of the without damaging more than I would have liked.

So I spliced a new 'upper part' to it. Not completely invisible (you can see a slightly thicker part in the shrould to the right, just above the seizings. But it will do (at least, for me ;) ) (to get an idea of the scale: ratlines is .15 mm thread)



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