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America by Nirvana - Constructo

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Sjors, I have been back since the change to V2.0, don't know what happened to my avatar.

Had a combination flag of the American/Swedish as avatar.

Thank you for pointing it out.

Have a secret build going on as well. ;)

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Morning Per,


My mistake….. I see the date at 4 March…early in the morning maybe?

And then an other thing ( If you don't mind)

Under your name there is something written in bright green…..

I can not read it, maybe you can change the colour?



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Thank you Sjors,


I am going to try to make as much as possible before placing it on her.

Can see potentials of damages while setting sails. Besides mast rings
is to be sewn into the sails, and that means sails has to be in place before masts go in place.

Unless someone has come up with some ingenious idea how to it afterwards.


Thank you

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Went shopping today,


One item that our household is truly missing. First of all it will be used for the sails. Then for the curtains and drapes.

This one is also intended to do the upholstery in my convertible.

It's a sewing machine.

Commencing sewing tomorrow.

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This picture is directly related to my build as I am working out the tweaks with the new sewing machine.

The fabric shown is the one to be used as sails, I have used a natural thread and a brown one.

In my opinion the natural blends into the fabric to much while the brown stands out more.

Next time I am passing JoAnns by I will pick up more colored threads.

Meanwhile any inputs of thread color for sails?post-967-0-46495400-1377116365_thumb.jpg
I also experimented with length, no 2 little narrow and 4 little to far apart. Probably going with no 3.

Will look at the plans for consultation.


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Hmm, I haven't been paying attention to this amazing yacht in a  long time. So bizarre I haven't done the finishing things.

It's more about all the lines that is need to o be attached. Don't know why it bother me so much :(
I guess I have at most some 10 hours of working to finalize S/Y America......

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