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Recomnedations for Gold Leaf paint to use and what you use for highlights and shaddows

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Ahoy Mates


Looking ahead to when I have to paint the decorations on my Panart Royal Caroline build with a Gold Leaf paint color. Will be panting whatever Gold Leaf paint that will be  chosen from the recomendtions  from all of you. I will try out several paints recomended on sample parts.


I would also like to know what you do to add depth and high lights to the Gold leaf in dry brushing or washes for the inside corners and outsdie edges.


I will be painting over wood,plastic nd cast brass parts.


Thanks for your help.



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Another method is to use powdered 24 karat gold in a gum arabic base. The product looks like a big pill and it disolves in water. You can cut off a small piece, add a bit of water and then paint the gold on. This how ancient illuminated manuscripts were colored with gold


This method will produce great results on difficult to reach places. I found my supply at a place called Jerrys Art Supplies. They are a major art supply cataloger.


Bob Friedman

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Hello. I paint the golden color, let it dry, and then a super thin layer of silver or aluminum by means of dry-brushing to highlight the raised points. Bear in mind here that "less is best" DON'T over do it. 


Edit: Some people say to paint brown or black then dry brush the gold, to create a deep looking look, but to be honest I've never tried this method.

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The gold leave is probably the highest light you can get, considering its reflectance. Highlighting with silver would change its chromatic appearance, as the highlight would look whiter.


For deepening shadows I would use washes of burnt umbra.


The plastic modelling community appears to be quite united over the view that 'Alclad' metallic paints are among the best on the market. Personally, I have not tried them out yet myself.

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I use Krylon leafing pens and love them.


Have had the gold for maybe 10 years and it still flows nicely. The liquid comes out a little thick and dries with some thickness and that can be either good or bad. If you are coating something with fine detail it might soften the valleys a bit, but if it is a casting from an old mold and maybe with bubbles it fills in the imperfections and looks very good to my eye.


I bought mine at Michael's craft store, but here is an amazon link. http://www.amazon.ca/Krylon-Leafing-Gold-Paint-ANK9901/dp/B003ZTNENS

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