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The Micromark Mini Scroll Saw is actually a rebranding of the German Proxxon DS 230/E scroll saw.

This is the link: http://www.proxxon.com/en/micromot/27088.php?list

I am using this scroll saw for more then a year without any problem. In the beginning, it is a bit searching to fit the blade correctly, but then is works good. My intention was to use it for small tasks in model building, but I also started scrolling other things like fretwork and ornaments for the holidays.

One limitation of this saw is that the table cannot be put in an angle. Sometimes, I miss this option.

You will certainly find some reviews on the internet.

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Smaller is not necessarily better in scroll saws because with a small one, you're limited on size (length, width, thicknees) while a bigger one will let you work smaller.    Check out you local DIY store and see what they have.  There's also lots of topics in the Modeling and Workshop Equipment area with good info on saws, blades, etc.

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I have a lot of power tools, including a scroll saw, and I use all of them on a fairly frequent basis. At the time I purchased my scroll saw, I felt I needed one right then but, I was short on cash at time. So, I bought a 16" Variable Speed Central Machinery Scroll Saw from Harbor Freight for $69.


I bought it fully expecting to have to throw it away after a few months but, at that price I figured I could afford to throw it away and buy a better one when my pockets were a little deeper. To my surprise, it's been up the task for everything I've asked it to do.


I guess if I were going to use a scroll saw more frequently than I do, I could see ponying up the bucks for the MicroLux or Proxxon scroll saws. But, since I only use it every couple of days, I'll keep using the CM scroll saw until it goes belly up.

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Clark, also consider Craigslist or etc. You can get some great deals there as well; I picked up an older model unused Hegner scroll saw, along with its stand and etc., on Craigs for a fraction of what one sells for new--it was an outstanding deal.




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Dremel also makes a small scroll-saw as well, called the Moto-Saw. I haven't used it myself, and Dremels quality as of late has been hit or miss, but it seems like a decent unit considering it's so cheap. It also has the unique function where you can remove the table assembly and hand-hold the entire unit to act like a powered fret-saw.



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