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  1. Really sorry to learn about your wife's accident, Lou. I was wondering where you had been. Hadn't seen you around as much. Now I know. Not going to "like" your post as that seems inappropriate given the circumstances, but want you to know you and your wife are in my prayers for a complete and swift recovery. Now get busy with that house work, sailor. 😉
  2. This 1:350 Nippon Maru kit was made by IMAI and distributed through Scale Craft Models, vintage 1978. Remember when the "tall ships" were a big thing and touring the world? That's when IMAI released a slew of tall ships replicating those that participated in the tour. This is one of a half dozen or more ships, some done in waterline versions like the Nippon Maru, and some others full hull versions. If you never owned one, you will be surprised at the parts count and quality of these little IMAI kits, but really, IMAI did a whole lot of nice models. They compare very well with any modern day model ship kit in quality...and if you are careful, you can buy them at very favorable prices. I paid less that $20 for this one from Ebay with shipping included. Can't beat that in my opinion. It will make for a nice little model without a bunch of aftermarket, and I can finish it rather quickly.
  3. I looked around to realize it's been almost a week since I posted some progress on Mikasa. Not that I haven't been working on it every day, some of these details take an inordinate amount of time for me to do, just getting bogged down in all the little fiddly business of it. And I was thinking this past week...I need a diversion. Something that I can work on at the same time as Mikasa so that when details on Mikasa get a little overwhelming, just switch over to the diversion for a more relaxed, not as highly detailed model that I can bang together in a week or two.
  4. An impressive upgrade set. I assume the masts come with the update set, or is that sold separately?
  5. CDW

    What have you received today?

    IMAI 1:75 Sir Winston Churchill I am very pleased with the quality of this model kit.
  6. Oh, that makes sense why it's happening. They are not packing the parts adequately and they are being heated/crushed. My highly deformed model came from a warehouse in Nevada. It was probably left in a space without climate control and it literally melted the plastic. It was an expensive, big Tamiya kit, too. They replaced mine with no problem.
  7. Are the turrets vacuformed or injection molded plastic? Only once did I receive an injection molded kit that was warped by heat.
  8. Please Hide Your Ugly Crack All kidding aside, the front and rear bridge is glued down securely and gaps filled. 🤐
  9. You mean to tell me you never saw any girls IRL who looked like the ones on Playboy? Lol - Just fun'in with you Lou. 🤩😏
  10. That's good news Jesse. Losing power is such a big deal these days because of our reliance on it. I sweat like a mule for a couple of weeks last year with power out. Not fun.
  11. If you were to use a wood grain decal, you would want to try and scale the decal as close to your ship's scale as possible, or else the grain would be way too large. Most of these decal sheets are for 1:48 to 1:32 scales. But I looked on Ebay and noticed they have these wood grain sheets for N scale railroad. That may be about as close as you will find to the scale you are working with, 1:200. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Microscale-601406-N-Scale-Decals-Textured-Plywood-Weathered-Wood-Grain/183383582275?epid=1307723479&hash=item2ab2836643:g:JT8AAOSwulxbdnTi
  12. Vallejo sells a wood and leather paint set. It involves a primer first, then a base color, then 2 or 3 washes. Comes with a color brochure giving instructions on how to achieve the finish. It sounds like Flory's method involves fewer steps and may actually be easier to achieve the effect you want. The Vallejo set gives a wider range of options for finished color and tint. There used to be wood grain decals you could cut to fit your particular application. Some were quite nice. Often used to simulate WW1 aircraft plywood construction on planes such as the Albatross for example.
  13. All that natural light sure does make those colors pop out nicely. Probably the DSLR hlps, too. But OC, she is looking mighty, mighty fine. Well done!
  14. CDW

    Whaaaaaat kind of articles are these?

    Dave You forgot to show the article where they talk about how "Water is Wet". 😀
  15. Lol - It's just sitting there as a dry-fit, posing for a picture. Nothing is permanently in place yet, or glued down. Trust me, there will be no gaps when it's done, but thanks for pointing it out.

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