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  1. This is a beautiful Fokker. However, once you add up the cost of the individual parts for this 1/32 scale version, one could kick in just a little more $$ to buy and build this 88 inch wingspan museum scale piece and really fly it.
  2. Did you meet anyone today that you like better than yourself?
  3. Semper fi my brother. Hope this finds you doing well. Time to get out of that sick bay. The nurses can't handle a Marine in their midst for too long at one time.
  4. If their mother raised them properly, they will answer, 29. Do you know a woman who tells the truth about their age once they pass 21? Some of the women in my family forbid that their birth dates be put upon their tomb stones, that's how serious they were about keeping their age a secret.
  5. I picked up a very small photo etch part last night with my tweezers and began to bend it in the appropriate places when I heard that all too familiar grim sound of "ping", when the part goes flying out of the tweezers. I knew even before I looked that it was lost. Didn't hear any sound from where it landed, and as small as it is, no way in heck I was going to find it. And didn't. Oh well, it was such a small part, no one but me will know it's missing from the model.
  6. A friend bought a 3D printer and has slowly been learning to tweak it, use it, and learn it's limitations. He was telling me something similar to what Ron said when he told me the difficulty in 3D printing a pilot bust figure. He said the problem comes when the printer goes to do (for example) a nose. The bottom of the nose has nothing to rest upon and becomes as Ron said, "an unsupported wall". As a result, it sags and turns out to be a blob rather than a nose. Now, there are ways around that problem, but it's advanced stuff and that's probably not something worth the time and effort for Shapeways to do. But it can be done.
  7. That song reminds me of Fort Bragg in Fayetteville, N.C. The song was popular in the sixties when I was in that town. It was a great town back then. Haven't been back there in many moons.
  8. It's a long time between now and October, but I don't know of a reason I can't be there. A local IPMS club used to have a bi-annual model contest in St. Petersburg and I always enjoyed attending that event.
  9. It's in the hobbit hole.
  10. Mine is still missing. You sure you didn't find my ruler and pick it up by mistake?
  11. My theory is that an evil, twisted, being of some sort snatches up the fallen parts and swifts them away to their little hobbit hole. What other explanation would be close to reasonable? I've lost so many parts this way, it isn't even funny. Another of my parts was lost as recently as yesterday. Just like you...I heard it hit the floor and it has not been seen since. Flashlight doesn't help find it. It's gone, disappeared.
  12. I just looked on the Gamestop site and found the Nintendo Switch package with the new Zelda game sells for $399. But they say it won't ship until June 9, 2017. How did you get yours so quickly?
  13. Seeing that Zelda game reminded me of my youngest daughter who will turn 20 years of age this coming Sunday. When she was a child, she got the Zelda Wind Waker game as a gift. She loved that game so much and would wait for me to get home from work each day to help her play the game. She was actually frightened of the some of the little creatures in the game and did not want to play it by herself. Those were some fun days that she and I still recall with much fondness. She remains an avid gamer. I also enjoy playing several games to include World of Warships, a PvP MMO game, as well as the games of the The Witcher series.