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  1. CDW

    The "What have you done today?" thread.

    What you boys need are some good coon dogs. They will tree those opossums and keep them out of your trash cans. Of course, you will have to deal with the howling once they begin to tree the critters. Another option is to trap the critters and turn them over to your local animal control organization. A small investment in traps may pay dividends if you are hassled by them.
  2. The riverboat's name has caused the Rolling Stones to be stuck in my head. 🙂
  3. Thanks again for all the positive and encouraging comments. As for the photo backdrop and lighting, no purchase has been made as of yet, but I am inclined to go the route described by Dubz and others who suggested a separate, improved backdrop with LED lighting as required or even natural light outdoors. I guess I am too impatient and lazy to wait for daylight hours and /or good weather to photo my models by depending upon natural light alone. My work on the torpedo net continues as I look for appropriate material to create the net. I'm just not sold on using the photo etch net in it's entirety as it comes from the Pontos set. On the other hand, my experiments for a suitable material to replace the photo etch has not yielded the results I want yet. My search continues. I did acquire a set of IJN battle flags from this company: http://becc.co.uk I like what I received from them.
  4. Neat, clean, and professional. The Pontos set adds amazing levels of detail to an otherwise good model without any aftermarket at all. I have yet to find any other photo etch sets that come close to the realism that Pontos provides. You're going to have a lot of hours invested in this model when it's finished. Doesn't it make you glad we are not getting paid by the hour to build model ships? I'd probably be earning about 10 cents per hour.🙂
  5. But they look SO good. These boats will add a lot to your finished model. You've done a superb job on them to this point.
  6. I'm trying to figure out how I will attach the all torpedo net booms so that they hang level. It seems I need to devise some type of jig to keep them all uniform. The booms attach to the hull by means of a hook/swivel at their base point against the hull, then by cables at the top that serve to "adjust" their level. However, the cables are not functionally adjustable, rather the adjustment takes place when they are glued to their attachment point on the hull. It seems to me that what I need is a strip of some material (probably wood) that runs parallel to the length of the hull at the elevation/height needed to attach the torpedo net.
  7. You're a brave man, Channell. My wife would knock knots on top of my head faster than I could rub them.
  8. How much thought have you given to where you will display your model when it's finished? I have a few ideas of how I might display my large scale ship models, but that's another project all it's own. Very soon, it's going to be a necessary undertaking for me.
  9. CDW

    The "What have you done today?" thread.

    The best way to narrow down your choice of vendors is to check their feedback. Stay away from sellers with low feedback totals and/or negative feedback. Good sellers are not going to try to beat you out of $5 just to ruin their feedback score. It's not worth it. I always buy from sellers with good feedback and never had a problem. Never once bought a hacked software. There's always a first time though, I suppose.
  10. Thanks for the encouragement Lou. I appreciate it friend.
  11. Here's a look at the catwalks after they have been installed.
  12. These are sections of the catwalks, provided in the Pontos update set. Each side of the ship gets seven catwalk sections to finish a side. These are the last three I assembled and are now ready to be attached to the ship, completing the tedious catwalk assemblies. Once these are installed, along with the torpedo net boom assemblies, it becomes more obvious why I decided early on that these assemblies must be among the last assemblies installed to finish the ship. Once they are added along with the props, handling the model becomes much more difficult without inadvertently knocking something off and possibly losing it. At this juncture, my mind is made up to go ahead and install the extended torpedo nets and booms. I thought maybe I would not, but have changed my mind. I was concerned the nets may easily be broken off if the ship was handled, but I now believe the boom assemblies are sufficiently engineered to support the extended nets. Hope I'm right, we shall soon see.
  13. Yeah, but if I had one, I couldn't afford to launch it. About 20 years ago, it cost around $250 per trip to go fishing in my 21' open fisherman boat. Fuel, oil, ice, bait, maintenance, etc. Can you imagine what it would cost to go out in a boat the size of those launches? I shudder to think. About the only way it's affordable is to have an extra person or two who are willing to go out with you and share some of the expense. The big outboard engine/s on my boat sucked down fuel like crazy.

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