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  1. I just looked on the Gamestop site and found the Nintendo Switch package with the new Zelda game sells for $399. But they say it won't ship until June 9, 2017. How did you get yours so quickly?
  2. Seeing that Zelda game reminded me of my youngest daughter who will turn 20 years of age this coming Sunday. When she was a child, she got the Zelda Wind Waker game as a gift. She loved that game so much and would wait for me to get home from work each day to help her play the game. She was actually frightened of the some of the little creatures in the game and did not want to play it by herself. Those were some fun days that she and I still recall with much fondness. She remains an avid gamer. I also enjoy playing several games to include World of Warships, a PvP MMO game, as well as the games of the The Witcher series.
  3. You've got a green thumb, Cog. Nice flowers.
  4. Squadron Model Shop (MMD) sent me a second 30% discount offer with my last order, but it had to be used this month. Being a sucker for good discounts, I found some nice Vallejo paint sets, some German Kriegsmarine battle flag decals, and this model. This is the 1:350 Trumpeter model of the Italian Battleship Roma. The parts appear to be first rate with slide mold technology being employed. I was surprised at how large this ship turns out to be when compared to some of my other 1:350 models. I've got a complete detail set coming for it this week from another vendor.
  5. A problem with a lot of the faulty products is a lack of proper quality control. Good quality control catches a bad run of products. But the reason much of the Chinese products are less costly is due to the lack of quality control. Sadly, the customers are their quality control. Glad you got those sorted out.
  6. Really looks awesome at this stage. Very realistic. Does the jig your fuselage sits on come with the kit or is it something you fabricated for the build?
  7. What kind of low temps are you getting this time of year? Where I live in Tampa, Fl, we were the high temp in Florida a couple of days ago at 95 degrees. Extreme.
  8. Yes, I like them as well. Something like that would look great on my back patio. An added bonus is the fact everything is elevated so as not to require extreme bending over and/or squatting to tend to the garden.
  9. Been a long time since I heard the name, David Frost mentioned. Brings back good memories of when I used to spend a lot of time listening to AM radio and not too much television. Back then, they had some great, entertaining radio programs on at night.
  10. You will have to get used to painting with them, just like you would any other different paint medium.
  11. These last couple of pictures made me realize how large the coach model is going to be when finished. Somehow, I had it pictured in my mind's eye as a much smaller model than is actually is in real life. I like the progress you're making on it.
  12. One of my favorite Floquil colors used to be "old aluminum" or some title similar to that. Many of my model building friends freaked out when Floquil quit making paints and everyone made a quick run on all the available "old aluminum" paints they could get their hands on.