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  1. Fokker DR 1 Building log

    She's coming along beautifully. Take your time and keep doing things the way you're doing it.
  2. We had one of those radiators, very large ones, in my elementary school classrooms. They would get very hot when they were turned on and there was no temperature control. They were either "off" or "on". Nothing in between. Like someone else said, they would loudly "knock" from time to time.
  3. Bob I often wondered how well done is that Lindberg Sea Witch? I've only seen the kit box art, but never the plastic parts. Any idea what scale it's in? Is that the Sea Witch model you are working on at your desk top?
  4. 1/350 Trumpeter Warspite

    Scott I've never tried it myself, but my guess is that most all the Warspite photo etch sets will work with the Trumpeter kit. There may be certain pieces included with the various sets that won't work without some modification, but most parts are generic enough you should not have a problem, like ladders, armament, railings, etc. If you buy a wooden deck, make sure that it is specific to your Trumpeter kit as those are designed specifically for the particular kit.
  5. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    My grandson caught this large mouth bass fishing with a plastic worm. He brought it in and landed it all by himself. He sure is proud of his catch.
  6. What have you received today?

    I bought this 1:250 scale Arii Yamato from a vendor in Japan. I'm pretty sure this is a repop of a mold that been around for decades. Maybe it's been refurbished a bit, I don't know for sure. There are lots of sink marks that will need filling on turrets and various parts I glanced at in the parts bags. The hull is a one piece unit with mounting lugs molded in for motorizing. At the same time I ordered this model, I bought a comprehensive detail update set for this Yamato from a company in China called Very Fire Technology. Their website is veryfiremodel-dot-com. That set has not arrived yet. Pictures of what's included with the set looks pretty good. The 1:250 Arii Yamato hull measures 42" in length.
  7. It's just raining and thunderstorms here almost every day. They will either roll in from the east (Atlantic) or the west (Gulf of Mexico), depending on the prevailing winds and pressure systems. Here in this picture, my two little grandsons are here staying with us while they enjoy the last days of their summer vacations before school starts back for them. They live in an adjoining county and really love to come and stay while they play with our other grandchildren who live across the street from us. The smallest one really looks like a little rascal - because he is. As soon as I walked outside, the humidity fogged my camera lens which blurs the pictures a bit. The boys have been outside fishing and catching frogs, a favorite activity while staying at my house.
  8. Don't feel bad for not knowing where to find it, Brian. I didn't know where to find it, but was too lazy to ask. Now I know thanks to your initiative and Jack's expertise.
  9. List your miseries here

    Ain't that the truth. In the USA, much of the requirements originate from federal regulations known as the Clean Water Act. I suppose the UK has similar law on their books as industry standards do not vary too much from one Western Country to another.
  10. List your miseries here

    A sewer pipe deflection requires a manhole because the possibility of a future blockage is greatly increased with a deflection. The manhole allows a means to clean out the pipe/blockage and keep all the poop flowing downhill. Having said all that, I am surprised the contractor did not know a manhole would be required before now. Seems to me he tried to get away without building one and now he's caught. Who must pay for the manhole and associated costs? Try not to worry so much about all this. Anxiety can cause arthritis to flare up. My mother swore that worry was the chief cause of her arthritis problems.
  11. I thought bigfoot lived out there in the Oregon mountains.
  12. What have you received today?

    I have some of the very old Revell sailing ships, Constitution, Alabama, and Kearsarge just to name a few. And you are right, the clean, clear, and crisp molding and details were superb back than.
  13. It's raining so much here, my lawn needs to be mowed about every 3 or 4 days. No kidding.
  14. How much help are the lights equipped on the visor? I have a visor with LED lights and never use them because they offer no real benefit. They don't cast enough distance to help. Granted, mine is a cheap visor and probably the LED's are not representative of the ones equipped on a good visor.
  15. That looks like a good choice. From some of the ones who recommended that visor, I don't think you'll go wrong. Be sure to give us an update. I may want to order one, too.