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  1. I spent few hours figuring how to do that but didn't find anything useable! ๐Ÿค”
  2. I would if I actually made a sea base for it! In my opinion displaying the ship like I do doesn't really fit into it. Atleast in my opinion. If doing a simple diorama then hell yes!
  3. If you look at real pictures of the ship you can see that there are 2 types of railing. Solid and ones with wires running through them. The ones painted black are simulating the wire ones.
  4. Some smaller details I've been working on. Added some warning lights near the aft boom. Used some 0.2mm brass wire to get the basic shape of the lights. After this the light bulb section was build up using white glue. After painting the bulb section is first painted chrome silver, then some light clear orange. The usual electric lines added. One RQ-2 Pioneer standing on the platform ready to be launched. Some addition details to the pioneer equipment. Containers for the equipment added behind the aft turret. Started to add the life rafts. Some grab handle ladders and some leasure activities added. All the rest of the directors finished. Anchors and jack staff finished.
  5. These are the ones I have. They have a switchable filter for different tones. Whatever you choose, get ones with rechargable batteries as the portable LED eat batteries in no time. And you don't need the umbrella thingies they are used for flash afaik. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Yongnuo-YN1200-LED-5500K-Video-Light-Lamp-for-Canon-Nikon-Pentax-Olympus-Cameras/382055427521?hash=item58f4472dc1:m:mIV9Br_dMHa3OTHZeY7L4ZQ:rk:15:pf:0
  6. I use just some normal backdrop paper, it's 120cm by 3000cm so there's extra to spare and cost like 25e and I just drop it down from a chair. I have 2 LED lights on stands for light and use a mobile phone to take photos. Looks like this. Not a photographer by nature myself aswell so the set had to be cheap and quality of my photos are good enough I think.
  7. Thank you Gentelmen! Only a lot of small and tedious stuff left but moving on anyway! Not hurrying with them so expected time is still end of the year. Also prolly be less of updates as it's just the same ol' same ol' !
  8. Hey Kevin! Thanks for the compliments! Yes, I've been actively posting my work on modelwarships.com for about 6 years. Though I'm from Finland but close enough! ๐Ÿ˜‹
  9. Cheers, I don't do photography otherwise except for taking photos of my models and I don't know jacks "#ยค% about photography and I only use a mobile to take photos so it's good to know they are at acceptable level even of my shortcomings in that area!
  10. I finished the top mast. Then suddenly I started to grave for some rigging. Few hours later the beast was rigged! Tried to get it as accurate as I could with the reference I had available. Also rigging being one of the things I strive to get better aswell! Maybe some mad rigging project next who knows! Also finished the Harpoon launchers if you didn't notice!
  11. Back to old camera. Just to prove I've worked a bit!
  12. Nokia 6.1. Still need to get focusing working properly. On auto it doesn't seem to focus sharp enough and on manual it's really akward to use.
  13. Some snail pace progress on the forward funnel. New phone new camera, not sure about how I like it yet.
  14. Only small work on the Missouri this weekend. I attended Nordic challenge model show today here in Finland. Last time I brought a model to a show was back in 2004 so it was long time due. I brought my Uss James E Williams to the show and it was recieved amazingly well! I placed 1st in ship class and also got named Best Ship, Best of Show and Best Model chosen by IPMS Finland. About 350 models were in the contest (not many ships though ๐Ÿค”) and the quality of all the models amazed me. Standing proudly! More pics will prolly come up in the following days here! http://www.pienoismallit.net/tapahtumat/2018/nordic-challenge/kuvat/
  15. And just some overall shots. The bridge didn't sit perfectly (had some warp on the other side) and needs some minor filling and fixing but nothing too serious.

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