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  1. Hey Rick01 thus may sound crazy but the shrouds starting point and finishing is ?! Eyehole start with knot but dont know where to finish !
  2. Thanx for info but i think thers some plans missing as what i have says not much !
  3. My name is André F.
  4. Ok so the roockie is at it again ! Im getting ready to rigg my masts on the Santa Maria for the very first time im not quite sure how to and where to start i need you guys to hold my hand ! Any tip or trick i need to know anything i must do that is not on the plan ....mind you all the plans ar'nt that great !
  5. Ok thanx guys so if im corect i should drop the ropes in the holes and not worrie about them !
  6. So ok im new to hobby and to group so not realy sure on where i should be asking my questions ! Here goes on my picture ropes 122 are droping in holes 83 , where in the wolrd are they going ? I understand the logic of the end going to the anchors but side droping in the holes ??? i just dont get it !
  7. Hey guys thanx for leting me in ! Im new to the hobby , I'm 43 male french Canadien looking for tip and tricks . Im still working on my first ship the Santa Maria ( Artesania Latina ) rigging plans sucks by the way ! I all ready have in hand my second third and forth ship to build ! Pinta , Nina and the San Francisco II ! Looking forward to chat with you guys as i'll have a tone of questions !!!!